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Travel notification due to strike at Keflavik International Airport for flights 23rd , and 24th Apr – and due to possible strike action on the morning of 25th, Apr 2014

Last modified: 23.04.2014 22:02 GMT

Due to strike action at Keflavik International Airport all of our flights have been delayed today23th April 2014.  Messages notifying estimated departure time has  been sent to all mobile numbers and e-mails we have available from our passengers.

We estimate that our flights will be more or less on time from Keflavik Airport in the morning of 24th April.  Please be sure to check information on estimated departure times – see  

Please be advised that workers at ISAVIA, the state company that operates Keflavik International Airport, have called an industrial action April 25, between 4:00 – 9:00am Icelandic time. Icelandair is not a part of the dispute, and we hope negotiations will result in an agreement so that the strike action will be called off.

If the strike will be carried through it will delay all arriving and departing flights at our hub at Keflavik International Airport morning of 25th April for approximately 3-4 hours, but no cancellations are planned. We will work around the situation to best serve our passengers and we realize this will disrupt some travel plans.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, and we thank you for your understanding.  Please be sure to check information on estimated departure times from related Airport homepages.

Please check your flight status here.

Passengers information

If needed Passengers are requested to contact the travel agency where the trip was booked. For bookings directly with Icelandair, call our customer line +354 50 50 100 or your local Icelandair telephone number

If you have any questions or wish to contact us, you can also go to or

Refund & Re-booking

Full refund prior to departure. Passengers requiring a refund should contact the location or agency where they purchased their trip.

Re-book to a later date. Take an Icelandair flight to your destination at a later date convenient to you. The flight is subject to availability in the same service class/cabin if travel is within 7 days of the original travel date, otherwise changes are subject to availability in the same booking class. (That is in the same cabin within 7 days and in the same booking class after 7 days). Re-booking must be made within 2 weeks of the original flight. Travel must begin within four months of the original travel date.

Re-book on an Icelandair flight to/from another destination in the same zone as that originally booked. Re-booking is subject to availability in the same booking class. Any additional fare cost will be charged. Change fees will be waived. Re-booking must be made within 2 weeks of the original flight.

Rerouting with other airlines where possible. Please note that origin and destination cannot change.

General Conditions

  • Travel must begin within four months from the original travel date.
  • The return flight, if applicable, can be re-booked at the same time.
  • Passengers on through tickets involving other carriers (a single ticket for two or more flights, including both Icelandair and other carriers) must notify us before travel commences. Passengers with connecting flights issued on separate tickets must make their own arrangements with the other carrier including the payment of any additional costs and amendment fees.
  • Passengers on package holidays must refer to their tour operators who may not operate the same policy. Passengers should also be aware that any applicable refund would only relate to the airfare portion of the inclusive package and not the whole cost of the holiday.
  • Passengers on Icelandair Holidays package holidays will be offered a full refund with no penalty.

Claims in general

All customer enquiries on compensation for additional expenses incurred (e.g. accommodation) and other claims should be directed to the Customer Relations Department, in writing and supported with original documents:   Icelandair recommend passenger to check if they have any travel insurance that may cover any related cost.

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