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More Legroom Seats Terms and Conditions

  1. More Legroom Seats
    1.1. More Legroom seats offer extra legroom (34" or more), and are available in the emergency exit rows and other selected rows in Economy Class. The More Legroom seats are only available on flights operated by Icelandair and are subject to availability.
    1.2. Your flight reservation must be confirmed to be able to reserve a More Legroom seat, and the seat must be paid for at the time of booking.
    1.3. Purchase of More Legroom seats does not entitle passengers to have increased baggage allowance or other ground or on-board facilities or services. Saga Points can only be earned or redeemed against More Legroom seats when the seat is purchased on-board, not prior to travel.
    1.4. Icelandair reserves the right to change the rates and/or terms and conditions of the More Legroom seats at any time prior to purchase, with or without prior notice.
  2. Seat Changes
    2.1. The assigned More Legroom seats are always associated to your flight ticket and cannot be transferred to another passenger, or to a new flight or destination.
    2.2. Icelandair reserves the right to assign or reassign a More Legroom seat at any time, even after boarding of the aircraft. This may be necessary for operational, safety or security reasons. While every attempt is made to fulfill a specific seat request, seat assignments are not guaranteed.
    2.3. In the event that we have to change your More Legroom seat we will endeavor to seat you in a suitable alternative. A suitable alternative is defined as More Legroom seating with extra legroom of 34" or more. In addition, we will endeavor to seat your party together, in the first instance, and then if possible in your choice of window seat, middle seat or aisle seat.
  3. Refunds
    3.1. You will not receive a refund for More Legroom seat if you cancel or change your flight, are involuntarily upgraded, or do not meet the requirements to sit in the seat type you have selected.

    1. A passenger is eligible for a refund if Icelandair cancels the flight, or in other circumstances caused by operational, safety or security reasons where we are unable to seat you in a suitable alternative seat.
    2. If you pay for an upgrade to Saga Premium we will issue a refund for the More Legroom seat.
    3. If you have purchased a Cancellation Protection Fee from Icelandair for your journey at the time of your ticket purchase, the fee covers the purchase of More Legroom seat. Read about the terms and conditions.

  4. Emergency Exit Seats
    4.1. A passenger seated in an exit row seat must be 12 years of age or older, be physically and mentally fit to assist in an emergency, and have the ability to read and understand verbal instructions given in English.
    4.2. Passenger must be in good health at the time of check-in, boarding, and during the flight, and must not be under the influence of any intoxicating substance.
    4.3. Pregnant women and passengers traveling with infants may not sit in emergency exit row seats.
  5. 4.4 Passengers traveling with infants may not be seated in an exit row, or in the row directly in front of or behind an exit row.
    4.5. Passengers traveling with a pet in the cabin may not sit in emergency exit row seats.
    4.5. Passengers who require a seatbelt extension may not sit in emergency exit row seats.

  6. Passengers Requiring Special Assistance
    5.1. Passengers who require special assistance can reserve More Legroom seats, provided they adhere to the rules outlined in section 4 – Emergency Exit Seats.
    5.2. Special assistance passengers include the following:
              • Unaccompanied minors
              • Passengers traveling with Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) systems 
              • Passengers who are blind or deaf
              • Passengers with an intellectual or developmental disability
              • Passengers who require wheelchair assistance or have reduced mobility
              • Passengers who require medical clearance to fly
              • Passengers traveling with guide dogs or service dogs
    5.3. If you require special assistance but do not select and pay for a More Legroom seat before check-in opens for your flight, you will be automatically assigned a suitable seat before departure. If you need special assistance for your journey, please contact Icelandair directly.