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Inside the Glacier - Ice Cave

Journey into one of the coolest experiences in Iceland!


Never before has anyone been able to see the heart of a glacier, but with a visit to Into the Glacier, you'll experience a magical journey deep into a world of stunning blue ice and otherwordly beauty. Don't wait to book this day tour to discover the Icelandic destination Lonely Planet recommends as one of 2015's hot new places to experience

Into the Glacier is a unique, innovative, man-made ice cave and tunnel located in a remote location high up on Langjokull, one of Iceland’s largest and most spectacular ice cap glaciers. With its remote location and large-scale development, there's nothing quite like it, stretching 1,640 feet (500 meters) deep into the ice at a location 4,134 feet (1,260 meters) above sea level. Imagine standing on an ice cap glacier stretching almost 2,000 feet (600 meters) below as you prepare to walk through its frozen heart! You'll start the day with a drive to scenic West Iceland, a stunning landscape impacted by the powerful activity of Langjokull Glacier. You'll pass by Hraunfoss waterfall, the gigantic Deildutunguhver hot springs, then onwards through the small but enchanting birch woodlands of Husafell, and into the desert highland wilderness - both powerful and remote in their beauty. Once at the edge of Langjokull you'll switch to a specially-designed eight-wheel "monster truck", capable of bringing people up the glacier slopes. En route, you'll experience traveling atop a thick solid glacier while learning about its movements and how the melting water has created some of Iceland's rivers and lagoons, much of it a result of global warming's impact. Once at Into the Glacier, only a limited number of people (maximum 80) are allowed at one time. Follow the cave through the illuminated interior of the glacier, viewing ice formations, smaller caverns and beautiful blue glacial walls. Tucked amid the glacial beauty, you'll discover chambers with exhibitions, sitting areas and even a wedding chapel! 

Afterwards, head via the Kaldidalur highland track to visit world-famous Thingvellir National Park. Then, after an exciting and scenic day, the tour returns to Reykjavik around 6pm. Return times may vary depending on glacier and road conditions.


For passengers with early morning arrivals in Iceland on flights from North America, this tour is NOT recommended as passengers generally arrive at their hotel around 8am, and any delays could cause you to miss the tour departure. Icelandair cannot reimburse passengers for unused portions of a package or land only travel once travel starts. Be sure to wear water and wind-proof outerwear clothing, warm clothing and boots suitable for winter weather conditions. With temperatures on the glacier below freezing, scarves, gloves and warm hat recommended. Please note the tour operator may need to change or cancel the itinerary according to weather or road conditions and conditions on the glacier. 

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