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08/20/2016 | 12:00 AM

Introducing Icelandair Messenger Bot

Icelandair is proud to introduce a new service that allows you to search and book a flight with Icelandair directly with Facebook Messenger. The new Icelandair Messenger Bot requires no additional downloads, plugins or extensions. Just open your Facebook Messenger, start a conversation, type in your information - such as your destination and travel dates - and book your flight. You can even include an Icelandair Stopover in Iceland for up to 7 nights, at no additional airfare, and soak yourself in a hot spring or trek through lava fields, not to mention the midnight sun or experiencing the northern lights, depending on the season.


Not only is it a fun, easy and quick way to book a flight, the Icelandair Messenger Bot can also provide you with interesting information about Iceland or answer your questions about traveling with Icelandair. Just try asking.

To begin your booking process, start a new conversation with @icelandair in Facebook Messenger or simply scan our Messenger code to the right, which will start the conversation immediately. You can also visit in a browser.

  • Go to Facebook Messenger
  • Click on profile icon
  • Click on your messenger code
  • Click scan code
  • Scan the image below

Type ‘Book a flight’ or ‘Book a Stopover’ and the bot will guide you through the process. For the time being, the bot only responds to queries in English.

Icelandair Messenger Bot logo: the original Icelandair logo positioned with a blue circular message-themed design

When you reach the payment stage of your booking process, you will have been redirected to our website. At Icelandair, we take the security of our customers very seriously. We have taken all necessary security measures so that our customers can conduct their transactions with us in a secure way.

By using VeriSign® technology we can encrypt all data (beyond what is required by law). Since the introduction of our online business in 1997, we have only used credit/debit cards as the means of payment and have never experienced any credit card fraud. Using your credit/debit card on Icelandair's website is as safe as using it to pay in shops or restaurants.

The Human Touch

Remember, you can always ask for a human or type ‘help’. A customer service specialist will pick up your query and provide you with the information you need. When you are ready to resume your conversation with the bot, just start the booking process again by typing ‘Book a flight’ or ‘Book a Stopover’.

Normally, an agent will pick up the conversation and respond to your query within the hour. Currently, however, due to the overwhelming reaction to our new bot, it might take a little longer than usual.