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04/09/2019 | 12:00 AM

Icelandair Group's Equal Pay Certification

Icelandair is proud to announce that we have now received equal pay certification for the largest part of our operations. Such certification is a confirmation that companies are formally working to combat gender-based pay gaps and promote gender equality in the workplace. The certification applies to our employees of Icelandair Group, Icelandair, Icelandair Hotels and Icelandair Cargo, or around four thousand employees in total. We are the largest private company in Iceland to receive equal pay certification.

This is an important confirmation that our decisions on remuneration are based on professional, objective and transparent considerations. Equal rights are a priority for us. We have made considerable improvements in this area in recent years, for example increased the number of women in management positions. The number of female pilots at Icelandair is larger than at any many other airlines. 

In addition, last October, Bogi Nils CEO signed up to the Leadership Equality project of the Association of Business Women in Iceland. Its objective is to increase the number of women at Executive Management level of companies in Iceland to 40% by 2027. 

We will continue to work towards our ambitious objectives in this area. As an airline that is named after Iceland, it is important that we can live up to such an important value as equality is for Icelanders.

For more context on Iceland's equal pay certification and pioneering women, see our blog post Travel Via Equality, from Icelandic Women's Day earlier this year. 

In the photograph: Elísabet Helgadóttir, Chief Human Resources Officer; Gunnar Már Sigurfinnsson, Managing Director, Icelandair Cargo; Magnea Þórey Hjálmarsdóttir, Managing Director, Icelandair Hotels; and Bogi Nils Bogason, CEO, Icelandair Group.