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Travelling with Animals

We pride ourselves on making sure all animals travel as well as our passengers.  All animals transported on Icelandair travel in a special climate-controlled transport area in the hold area of the aircraft.

Traveling with animals to, from and via Iceland

The animal in hold service is available on flights between Keflavík and the following destinations:

Europe: Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Zurich

North America: Boston, Chicago, Denver, New York (JFK), Seattle, Washington D.C.

This service is also available from London (LHR) to Keflavík. For this service from Keflavík to London (LHR), please check special rules for animal transport to/via the UK.

The list of destinations for this service is periodically reviewed, and additional cities may be added at a later point. For more information or to book the service, please contact our service center.

Please note that due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, our flight schedule can change with short notice. If you have booked an animal for transport in the hold area of the plane, and the flight has been canceled, the animal will be booked on the next available direct flight with Icelandair. We are unable to book connecting flights with other airlines for pets.  

Emotional Support Animal service discontinued

As of May 1, 2021, traveling with an Emotional Support Animal in the cabin of Icelandair flights is not available.

The passenger must be in possession of all documents required by the authorities of the country of transit and/or destination for the service animal. Icelandair will not be held responsible if entry into or passage through any country is denied.   


The charge for pet transport is the following:

Price per crate 100 GBP 117 GBP 137 GBP

Zone 1 - Within Europe
Zone 2 - Between Iceland and North America
Zone 3 - Between Europe and North America

Special rules for animals transport to/via the UK/Ireland

All animals travelling to the United Kingdom/Ireland must be transported with Icelandair Cargo.

Please contact Icelandair Cargo for further information on the transport of animals to the United Kingdom/Ireland.

Emotional support animals are NOT recognized as assistance dogs by the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Therefore, Icelandair cannot accept them for transport to the United Kingdom/Ireland.

Verification of documentation will include Icelandair contacting your medical/mental health professional. If we are unable to validate the documentation or if the advance notification is not given we will not be able to accept your specially trained and certified assistance animal. The documentation may not be more than six months old. 

The owner assumes all risk of injury to, or sickness or death of, any such animal accepted for transportation.  

Please make sure to bring food for your animal for the journey.