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Earn points

Saga Club members earn points for all Icelandair flights, all onboard sales, and with our partner companies around the world.


Saga Points for your Icelandair flight

Saga Club members earn Saga Points for all scheduled Icelandair flights.

As Icelandair Saga Club and SAS EuroBonus do not have any partnership agreement the following applies for points accrual on their code share flights. (FI/SK and SK/FI) 

When travelling on an Icelandair flight with a SK number (for example SK6150) on Icelandair schedule routes Saga members do neither earn Saga Points nor Card Points in Icelandair Saga Club. The same applies for flights with FI flight numbers on SAS schedule routes, (for example FI7565), members in Saga Club do neither earn Saga Points nor Card Points in Saga Club for such flights 

Remember to register your Saga Club Number when you book!

Points are registered on members account within 48 hours after flight has been completed.

Earn Saga Points on board all scheduled Icelandair flights when you shop in Saga Shop Collection or Saga Shop Kitchen

Members earn Saga Points when purchasing at Saga Shop Collection and Saga Shop Kitchen on board Icelandair flights. Just remember to present your Saga Card upon purchase.

You can easily explore the Saga Shop collection at our Saga Shop website and order items for delivery on board. If you do not have a Saga Card you can easily purchase a new one online for 500 ISK, approximately 4USD/3 EUR.

Price range in ISKAward Points
1 - 2.000 100
2.001 - 5.000 200
5.001 - 10.000 300
10.001 - 20.000 700
20.001 - 30.000 1.700
30.001- 40.000 2.500
40.001 - 50.000 3.500
50.001 - 60.000 5.000
60.001 - 300.000 6.000

Saga Points for your purchase in Saga Shop will be registered to your account 3-5 days after your flight. 
You must show your Saga card or refer to your Saga number when you purchase in Saga Shop for points registration. If Saga Points are missing you must send us your receipt along with your Saga Card number.

Sixt Rent a Car

Members in Icelandair Saga Club earn Saga Points at Sixt Rent a Car 

Sixt rent a car welcomes you at 4,000 service stations in over 100 countries worldwide with the world's largest BMW and Mercedes-Benz fleet, the latest models of top car makes, sports cars, convertibles, jeeps and trucks.

Please present your Saga Club Card at the Sixt rental location. No manual tracking can be accepted. No retroactive registration can be accepted.

Members earn the following amount of Saga Points with Sixt:

  • 500 Saga Points for every rental with Sixt rent a car.*
  • 1000 Saga Points for every transfer with Sixt limousine service.
* Certain rates may be excluded from points earning.

Earn Icelandair Saga Points for every stay

Saga Club members earn Saga Points when booking a hotel on Icelandair Hotel Search Open new window by

For every 1 EUR you pay for a hotel you earn 2 Saga Points that will be registered to your Saga Club account 60 days after your stay. is a world leader in booking accommodation online, and offers: 

  • Largest hotel database in the world 
  • Low rates 
  • No booking fees 
  • Easy booking flow 
  • Around the clock customer service in your language 

This is how easy it is: 

  • Visit Icelandair Hotel Search Open new window 
  • Search for a hotel at your destination 
  • Register your Saga Card number in step 3 in the booking process
  • Finish your booking and earn Saga Points. 



If the Saga Points are not registered to your Saga Club account, please send your receipt with the total amount and a booking number to Please note that Icelandair Saga Points earned for each hotel reservation are calculated in EUR and are therefore based on the hotel price in EUR.