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Icelandair Customer Bill of Rights

Icelandair is dedicated to making every part of our passengers’ experience as simple and as enjoyable as possible. However, we recognise that things don’t always go as planned, and we know that it is not always possible to meet our goals for seamless travel. We think it is important that our passengers know what they can expect from Icelandair if they’re inconvenienced while travelling with us. Our Customer Bill of Rights has been prepared to ensure transparency and accountability.

General information 

Icelandair will notify customers of delays, cancellations and diversions. Notification may be given in any of the following forms:

  • via
  • telephone
  • flight information display system
  • airport announcement
  • onboard announcement
  • email
  • text message.

For bookings made directly with Icelandair, please see the Manage Booking page for detailed flight information. 

If your original flight has been changed, and the new flight time is more than 24 hours before your original departure time, please contact your travel agent if you did not make your booking through 

Cancellations, flight changes and long delays

All customers whose flight is cancelled by Icelandair have the following options:

  • Receive a full refund – passengers who booked directly with should complete a claim form on our website. Passengers who did not book directly with must contact the travel agency where the ticket was purchased.
  • Receive re-booking on the next available Icelandair flight at no additional charge. The flight is subject to availability in the same service class/cabin if travel is within 7 days of the original travel date, otherwise changes are subject to availability in the same booking class.

On any communication, please include your booking number, email, mobile phone number, and any special requests you might have. We will do all we can to meet your requests.

When the delay is at least five hours, passengers are entitled to a refund for unused part/parts of the ticket. They may also request a refund of used part/parts of the ticket if the journey no longer serves its purpose.

Re-booking on a new flight

In case of disruption to a flight, Icelandair will re-book a first available ticket to the destination stated in the original ticket. We always aim to get our passengers as quickly as possible to their destination. 

There may be instances where we need to re-book a ticket arriving at an airport close to the original destination. In such circumstances we will, if needed, assist our passengers with bus or rental car transfer.

Connecting flights and transportation

Icelandair’s liability does not cover transfer flights that are issued on separate ticket numbers, or in separate booking reservations. In these cases, passengers would need to contact the respective selling agency or airline to rebook connecting fights. The same applies for connections to trains, ferries, buses, and taxis.

Assistance (Right to Care)

In instances of a schedule change, Icelandair will offer: 

  • Meals/refreshments in reasonable relation to the waiting time and destination. (Note that the amount varies between destinations.) 
    • Food per person up to €22 for 6-hour delay.
    • Food per person up to €45 for 12-hour delay.
    • Food per person up to €90 for more than 12-hour delay.
  • Hotel accommodation (average three-star hotel) in cases where an overnight stay or a stay additional to that intended by the passenger becomes necessary (this includes transport from the airport to the hotel and back again). Assistance up to €215 per room per hotel stay.


You may be entitled to compensation, but that will not apply if the cancellation or long delay is caused by extraordinary circumstances (force majeure). 

Examples of extraordinary circumstances include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • security risk - for example, technical problems that suddenly arise or other unexpected flight safety shortcomings
  • weather conditions
  • strikes affecting operations
  • sickness of cabin crew
  • political instability
  • air traffic management decisions
  • tarmac delays
  • security in other respects.

Overbooking and denied boarding 

As defined in Icelandair's Conditions of Carriage, we will compensate passengers involuntarily denied boarding in accordance with the applicable law. 

According to EU regulation, customers will receive minimum €125, up to the maximum of €600, depending on flight length. 

For all U.S. airports, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) final rule on enhancing airline passenger protections from April 2011 applies. More information can be found on the DOT website.

Claims in general
Any customer claiming additional expenses due to a delay or cancellation needs to complete a claim form on our website.