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Lava Horseback Ride

Take a ride on the lava side


Don't miss this opportunity to ride a friendly Icelandic horse into a lovely region of the Icelandic countryside including volcanoes, lava formations and lakes. Pure bred since Viking days, the sturdy Icelandic horse has a smooth gait for crossing rough Icelandic terrain, and are well suited for beginners and experienced riders. 

Horseback riding, which for this tour is at a beginner level with no previous riding experience needed. For passengers with early morning arrivals in Iceland on flights from North America, this tour is also not recommended as passengers generally arrive at their hotel around 8am, and any delays could cause you to miss the tour departure. The afternoon departure is a great option for those looking to take this tour on their arrival day. Icelandair cannot reimburse passengers for unused portions of a package or land only travel once travel starts.  

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