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FIFA World Cup 2018

The 21st FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia this year and for the first time, Iceland has qualified for the final stages of the tournament. This summer will go down in history!

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Estadísticas del jugador

¿Qué jugador ha marcado más goles? ¿Quién ha sido reprendido más a menudo y visto una tarjeta? ¿De quién fue el último toque que desencadenó los fuegos artificiales con más frecuencia? Revisa las estadísticas de los jugadores de Islandia en la veinte-primera Copa Mundial.

Seleccione su 11 inicial

Show your skills as a manager and select your own 11-player starting lineup for Iceland. Share your team on Facebook and might win an Icelandic National Team jersey or Icelandair flight gift certificate.
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The smallest nation to qualify

Iceland is by far the smallest nation ever to make it to the football World Cup, with a population of just 350,000 people. That’s a similar sized population to the cities of Coventry in England and Honolulu in the USA.

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A dentist in his spare time

Heimir Hallgrímsson, head coach of the Icelandic national men’s team, is a dentist by trade. He continues to work as such, alongside his football coaching work. He runs a small dental clinic in his hometown of Vestmannaeyjar, the Westman Islands  however, you’ll have trouble getting an appointment in June.