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12/06/2019 | 10:00 AM

Icelandair Mobile App

With the Icelandair app, your travels are easier than ever. Book, check in and get your boarding pass, all via your smartphone. We provide relevant information at the right time and place.

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My trips – all travels up-close

Keep all your upcoming and past trips with Icelandair in one place. A seamless overview of your flights shows what is waiting and which travels are now in the memory lane. With just a quick look at My trips, you know when your next travel is and can easily prepare for it.

Boarding pass – handy and within reach

Print no more and proceed to the gate with a digital boarding pass on your device. You can save your boarding pass to Apple Wallet or simply open it in the Icelandair app whenever needed. Paper-free means less to worry about.  

Profile – your loyalty status and preferences 

All your Icelandair information is in in one convenient place. Check your loyalty status, tier credits balance, and manage your account information—all at the tip of your fingers. Icelandair Saga Club members have easy access to see the benefits that their membership offers.

Book – making plans is easy

Your next adventure is just a tap away. Look for flights with Icelandair or our global partners and find your next destination right on your phone. Plus, it’s simple to make good use of your Icelandair Gift Certificate or Saga Points—use them as a full or partial payment for your flight and earn even more Saga Points. Finally, make your trip a dream: select your favorite seat, choose extras for the flight, and plan your activities—the Icelandair app is your reliable travel companion.

My Journey – a clear overview of your travels as you go

Whether you are weeks away from your travel date or have just booked a flight for your impromptu getaway, we are there for you. In our app, we provide all the relevant information for every step of your travels – before, during, and after. 

A phone displayed against a blue background with the Icelandair app open and displaying a flight from Keflavik to Helsinki