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04/06/2020 | 12:00

Face masks

Last updated: November 5, 2021

Wearing a face mask is mandatory on all international Icelandair flights, and from November 6, 2021, they are again required on domestic flights.

The health and safety of our passengers and crew is of the highest importance therefore we require all our passengers to wear face masks during boarding, throughout the duration of the flight, and when leaving the aircraft. Our cabin crew will be wearing medical masks for the duration of the flight. We also recommend that all passengers use face masks during their time at the airport. Please note that face shields may be worn in addition to, but not instead of face masks.

Passengers are required to bring their own masks, and we recommend bringing more than one mask for the flight and time at the airport. This can either be a non-medical mask or a medical mask, but the mask must cover both your nose and mouth. Passengers can take down their mask for brief periods when eating and drinking on board the aircraft.  

Children under the age of 2 are exempt from this requirement on board flights to/from the USA. Children aged under 10 are exempt from this requirement on flights to/from Europe and Canada. Passengers who cannot wear a mask due to disability or a medical condition need to bring a valid doctor's certificate to show during check-in and boarding. We ask passengers who cannot wear a mask due to disability or a medical condition to inform the crew about it during boarding. For further information please contact our service center. 

We will provide masks during boarding for passengers who do not bring their own, or for any reason need an extra mask.

We advise our passengers to follow the instructions from WHO (World Health Organization) on how to put on, use, take off and dispose of a mask.