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Icelandair Class Up Terms & Conditions

  1. The following terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") shall apply to an offer (“Offer”) made by you (“passenger”, “you”) to Icelandair (“Icelandair”, “we”, “us”) for an opportunity to upgrade from the class of service that was originally purchased for travel with Icelandair to one or two classes of service higher (“Upgrade”).
  2. You must be legally of age and able to enter into a binding contract. You shall be deemed to have the authority to act on behalf of and to bind the person or persons named or included on the Offer to these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Passengers may only submit one Offer per flight which corresponds to the purchased ticket, and offers must always be made and paid by using a credit card.
  4. An Offer, when submitted by you in association with a booking made with Icelandair, whether made directly with Icelandair or indirectly through other means, and presented to Icelandair, shall entitle the person or persons named on the Offer, subject to these Terms and Conditions, to be considered for an Upgrade.
  5. Icelandair reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to decide whether or not to accept your Offer, and it makes no representation that any Passenger will be upgraded regardless of whether or not seats are available in the class of service for which an Offer is being made.
  6. You may revise or cancel your Offer at any time prior to 3 business days before the scheduled departure date and time, provided that your Offer has not already been accepted by Icelandair and provided your credit card has not been charged. However, if your Offer is accepted before you cancel or amend your Offer, you are legally bound to complete payment for the price stated in your original Offer.
  7. An Offer that complies with these Terms and Conditions will be valid (“Valid Offer”) from the time of its submission to Icelandair, with the validity of the offer expiring at the scheduled departure date and time, or, in the event that the flight has been delayed, the time at which the airplane doors have been closed for departure. Furthermore, should you cancel your Offer, the offer shall no longer be a Valid Offer.
  8. In the event Icelandair re-accommodates you on to another flight for whatever reason other than your default, any Offer you made in relation to the original booking must be transferred to the new flight(s), subject to availability of the upgraded class.
  9. Icelandair may accept your Offer any time during the period it remains a Valid Offer. In the event Icelandair accepts your Offer, your credit card shall be charged the full amount immediately upon acceptance, and Icelandair will issue a new ticket reflecting your Upgrade to each Passenger included in your original flight booking. The total amount charged will include all applicable pre-payable taxes and fees (if any) for the Upgrade. The total amount that you must pay to us will be disclosed to you prior to you submitting your Offer. An Upgrade that has been issued by Icelandair can be changed or transferred only in accordance with applicable Fare Rules and our Condition of Carriage.
  10. There will be no refunds, credits, or exchanges once your Offer has been accepted by Icelandair and your credit card has been charged, except under the following conditions:
  11. The flight for which your Offer was accepted and you were upgraded was cancelled, and Icelandair re-accommodated you on another flight but in the class of service of your original booking, in which case the amount paid for the Upgrade will be refunded to the payment card that was used to pay for the Upgrade and Icelandair shall have not further liability to you.
  12. Your Offer was accepted and you were given an Upgrade, but you were not able to be seated in the upgraded class of service for reasons attributable to Icelandair, including, but not limited to, a change in equipment, a delay in the connecting flight that resulted in your missing the connection on which you were upgraded, but excluding reasons attributable to your actions, including, but not limited to, you on your own volition opting to change flights, you missing a flight.
  13. You are entitled to refunds, credits, or exchanges under applicable Fare Rules and/or our Conditions of Carriage.
  14. Should refunds be approved, they will be processed in the currency in which the Upgrade amount was charged.
  15. Fare conditions such as cancellation policies and change fees do not change when passenger gets an upgrade offer accepted. Passenger does not get additional Saga Points when Class Up is accepted. Increased baggage allowance only applies to the leg that receives the upgrade.
  16. If the Passenger changes their ticket, Icelandair has no obligation to seat them in the upgraded class of service, unless they pay for the Upgrade as per the airlines’ standard change policies and the policies and conditions associated with the fare class of original ticket.
  17. Icelandair does not guarantee specific seat assignments to Passengers whose Offers are accepted and who are upgraded.
  18. Icelandair reserves the right to modify and otherwise change these Terms and Conditions at their own discretion. Except as provided for in the preceding sentence, no amendment, modification or waiver to these Terms and Conditions shall be binding on Icelandair unless made in writing and signed by an authorized officer of Icelandair.
  19. These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with Icelandair’s Condition of Carriage, Website Terms of Use, and Privacy and Security Policy which you can read on