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An entertaining and informative documentary about Akureyri, the capital of the North, and the natural gems of the surrounding countryside in North Iceland.

Why not go to Iceland?

Maybe it's time for you to see now with your own eyes what makes this country different from all other countries. Maybe it is time for you to experience a country that combines modern luxury and pristine nature, natural wonders, extreme forces, and of course, a whole lot of moderation as well. A true natural paradise whether in winter or summer, Iceland is well known for its magical/beautiful and diverse nature, its natural lagoons, moonlike landscape, awesome waterfalls or beautiful rocks and mountains.

To make your decision easier, Icelandair has prepared a short documentary about North Iceland, in cooperation with a number of travel service providers in the region.

The North of Iceland offers a multitude of opportunities for those who want to experience summer or winter adventures in a true natural paradise. A mere 45 minutes flight from Reykjavik is the beautiful town of Akureyri, sometimes called the Capital of the North, and nearby there are highly popular places like Myvatn, Husavik and the Troll Peninsula which all offer unique possibilities for outdoor activity.

Don’t you want to experience something unique?

You are always welcome to Iceland, and keep in mind that if you are travelling between North America and Europe with Icelandair, you can schedule a stopover in Iceland at no additional airfare. That is unique and you should jump at the opportunity.  During the summer months, you can also fly directly to Akureyri via Keflavik International Aiport from all Icelandair destinations in Europe and North-America.

North Iceland


North Iceland Marketing Office is responsible for marketing and promoting North Iceland. Come and meet the people of the Arctic North whose genuine and friendly nature makes visitors feel at home. In North Iceland you experience breathtaking nature in summer or winter, hot springs, Europe’s most powerful waterfall Dettifoss, volcanic craters, geothermal nature baths and magical Northern lights.


Visit Akureyri


Akureyri, the second largest urban area after the capital area of Reykjavík, with a population of about 17.500, is the centre of trade and services in northern Iceland and a town of culture and education. The town offers a wide range of activities and interesting places, e.g. notable museums, the world's most northerly botanic garden, 18-hole golf course, the best skiing area in the country and good hiking trails. Our guests can choose between varied accommodation and excellent range of restaurants, some of which specialize in local food.


Icelandair Hotels

Icelandair Hotels

The new Icelandair Hotel in Akureyri opened in June 2011 with 63 rooms. In June 2012 another 37 rooms will be added. The rooms are modern and airy and with all the comforts necessary at a good hotel. All rooms have en suite bathroom with shower, hairdryer, TV, telephone and coffee/tea facilities and internet access.


Motorcycle Museum Iceland

The Motorcycle Museum of Iceland

This new museum in Akureyri, opened in May 2011, covers the history of motor¬cycles in Iceland the last 100 years. Motorcycles from all over, objects and artefacts relating to the history of motorcycles in Iceland in a stunning 800 square meter building, that was especially designed for the museum.



Nonni travel

Nonni Travel is a family run agency, specializing in personal service and advice to travelers to Greenland and Iceland.  Founded in 1989, we are among the oldest travel companies in the North Atlantic region.  Serving individuals and groups, we help our clients make the most of their stay at competitive prices. - All our clients have access to a 24 hr emergency telephone service while "under our wing".


Saga Travel

Saga Travel

Saga Travel is creative and dynamic family company that was formed by people who have a passion for Iceland and who think that life should be an combination of adventure and desire for knowledge and new experiences. The company offers day tours both from Akureyri and Lake Myvatn and all our guides are local professionals that are highly qualified and experienced. Aside from providing an excellent service we know that our clients are in very safe hands.




Bruggsmidjan is the first micro-brewery in Iceland, and has been operating since 2006. Bruggsmidjan makes the beer Kaldi. What makes Kaldi special is that there is no added sugars in the beer, it is not pasteurized and there are no preservatives added to the beer. Kaldi is brewed with pure Icelandic spring water. Kaldi is available in all Icelandic liquor stores/vinbud.


The Herring Era Museum

Winner of the Icelandic Museum Award 2000 and the European Museum of the Year Award in 2004, the Herring Era Museum in Siglufjordur - Iceland’s largest maritime museum – brings back to life the ‘glory days’ of Iceland’s herring fisheries and industry. - Róaldsbrakki, a 1907 salting station and bunkhouse. Grána, a 1930s-era fishmeal and oil factory. The Boathouse, the town’s thriving harbour of the 1950s with many old fishing boats at the dock.


Geusthouse Hvanneyri

Guesthouse Hvanneyri

A family run hotel located in the heart of Siglufjordur, the most northerly town in Iceland. The hotel is a member of the Icelandic Hostel Associ¬ation, and offers first class "youth hostel" accommodation. Bedrooms are from 1-6 man capacity and there is one family room with en suite bath¬room. The hotel provides facilities for self-catering, but breakfast can be ordered if required. There is a well appointed catering area/restaurant beside the Cocktail Lounge, and guests are invited to use these facilities if they wish.


The Folk Music Center

The Folk Music Centre

The Folk Music Centre in Siglufjordur presents Icelandic traditional music and dance through video recordings of people singing folk songs and playing traditional instruments. It also portrays the life of the Rev. Bjarni Thorsteinsson who is the most important collector of Icelandic folk music. The Centre organizes the only annual Folk Music Festival in Iceland (July 4-8, 2012), where music from all around the world is performed alongside traditional Icelandic music.


Sigurgeir's Bird Museum

Lake Myvatn is well known for its vivid bird life and close to the lake is
Sigurgeir’s bird museum - which includes the largest private bird collection in Iceland. The interactive display of the bird collection contains a specimen of all of the Icelandic breeding birds, with the exception of just one. A multi-lingual computer guide to Iceland's birds, a shop with refreshments, telescopes for watching the birds on the lake and a remote camera sending live wildlife images from one of the lake's islands.



Hotel Mývatn

Sel Hotel Myvatn

Sel Hotel Myvatn is the ideal location for experiencing the wonders of Lake Myvatn and surrounding parts of northern Iceland. The hotel has 35 rooms which all have a bathroom, telephone, radio and TV. Each room can also be connected to the Internet. All the rooms are beautifully furnished with solid mahogany and the aim is to create a friendly atmosphere for the guests. The hotel is well equipped for receiving all kinds of recreational and professional groups, meetings and smaller conferences.


Myvatn Nature Baths

Since the Myvatn Nature Baths were opened in 2004 they have proven to be one of the region's highlight for travelers. Based on a centuries old tradition, the tastefully designed complex offers a completely natural experience. Myvatn Nature Baths are perfect for those who enjoy close contact with nature and want to relax in the warm natural waters, overlooking the scenery of Lake Myvatn and the volcanic crater of Hverfjall. In Magma Café the guests can enjoy light meals, drinks and sweets in a beautiful setting with wonderful view around the area.


gentle Giants

Gentle Giants

With Gentle Giants you can experience exciting seafaring adventures. We are located in the famous whale watching town Husavik, by Skjálfandi bay, on the northern coast of Iceland. With a 98% success rate of spotting whales, our aim is to raise general awareness and interest in whales as well as their habitat. We focus on quality rather than quantity, and that is why we can offer you outstanding personal service. Welcome to experience unforgettable adventures with us at Gentle Giants.



North Sailing

North Sailing

North Sailing is a whale watching tour operator and fully licenced Travel agency in Husavik and Olafsfjörður offering sailing trips and expeditions. 2 day schooner trips to Grimsey and 8 day Greenland adventure expeditions. North Sailing offers various kinds of sea tours where whale and nature watching play an important role. Scheduled 3 hours trips, 4 hours trips and an overnight trip to the island of Grimsey are offered as well as tailor-made tours for groups or individuals.



Whale Museum

The Husavik Whale Museum

In the Husavik Whale Museum a variety of whalebones and skeletons are to be looked at. It's unique exhibitions and whale-related emphasis make the museum one of it's kind. The museums exhibitions are, amongst others: Whaling History, Natural History, Orcas, Dolphins, Whale Watching, Whale Stranding, extensive information on whales around Iceland, their origin and evolution, behavior, feeding, reproduction and useful information on environmental threats. A souvenir shop is located in the entrance hall.



Alkemia – like the alchemy of elements

Alkemia is an alternative travel agency at Lake Myvatn that organizes holidays and workshops (yoga, meditation etc.) with the aim of taking time to listen, encounter and enjoy. We the owners, Harpa and Jean-Marc, have associated our lifestyles as yoga teachers and massage therapists, with the way we organize your holiday, whether it includes a wellbeing stay at a local hotel, or hiking with snowshoes in the middle of winter.


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