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There is more to Iceland than what you will find in the capital region. Close to Reykjavík, yet away from the hustle and bustle, West Iceland is a world where culture, nature and history complement each other.


West Iceland is known for its beautiful nature. This vast area consists of fjords, valleys, craters, glaciers, volcanoes and the much-loved phenomenon of wide-open spaces. It’s often referred to as the area between glaciers because the region encompasses Langjökull, the second largest glacier in the world outside the Arctic regions, and the famous Snæfellsjökull, which inspired Jules Verne to write Journey to the Centre of the Earth.


Travel through historical Borgarfjörður, home to most of the Icelandic sagas and their heroes. Or, venture close to the centre of the Earth at Snæfellsjökull glacier on the Snæfellsnes peninsula before crossing over to Dalir, the cradle of the great explorers, Eirík the Red and his son, Leif the Lucky, the first European to set foot in North America.

In West Iceland, history becomes vivid with every step, whether on account of the Sagas, folklore, or just tales of men and the matters of men. The scenes of these stories are everywhere. Most of the Icelandic Sagas were written in West Iceland, such as Egils Saga, Sturlunga, Laxdæla and Eyrbyggja, and West Iceland is the setting for many of Iceland’s most well-known sagas; hence the name The Sagaland.


West Iceland is the perfect place for all kinds of activities. Many hiking trails and walking paths crisscross the area, leading from one highlight to the next. If hiking is not your cup of tea, you might want to try going by horse. The Icelandic horse can cross the mountains, rivers and valleys of West Iceland with ease, making horse riding a pleasurable experience. The area is also known for its many lava fields and large caves, some of which are regarded as the most beautiful in Iceland. Furthermore, golf courses can be found all over West Iceland, each with its own level of difficulty, character and charm. Those who prefer higher plains can take advantage of the glacier trips that are offered up the Langjökull and Snæfellsjökull glaciers at certain times of the year. Moreover, boat trips are operated from various villages in the area, offering a chance to do some whale watching, sea angling or bird watching. Freshwater lakes and rivers also line the West, which is undeniably a good catch for the enthusiastic fisherman. A good end (or start) to the day involves a long soak in the hot tub at one of the many heated swimming baths in West Iceland.





In early 13th century Reykholt was home of Snorri Sturluson. Author of The Edda (Classic Norse mythology), Heimskringla (biographies of Norse kings) and Egil’s  Saga.
 Reykholt is still an important cultural center in West-Iceland as it has been through centuries.

We welcome you to visit our tourist reception, exhibition and shop on the ground floor.




8x8 adventures

Fossatún – Rock ´n´ Troll Fossatún is located in the centre of West Iceland by Troll Waterfalls. Variety of accommodations: Rooms with private bathroom, shared kitchen and bathroom and sleeping bag accommodations. Fossatún Restaurant is renowned for it´s quality. Steinar Berg, the owner’s musical background and writing of troll stories are Fossatún´s speciality. Guests can: check the troll books and the troll trail, pick a record from the vinyl collection at dinner and catch the house band at an open rehearsal and relax in the hot tubs - surrounded by beautiful nature.





Have you ever tasted fresh scallops straight from the sea? Seatours offers four versions of boat tours around Breiðafjörður bay which all include the famous “Viking sushi”. Seafood simply doesn‘t come fresher than this.

Seatours also operate the car ferry Baldur, which runs between the town Stykkishólmur on the Snæfellsnes peninsula and Brjánslækur in the Westfjords. The ferry departs twice a day from each harbour during the summertime and once a day during the wintertime.

As an added bonus on your tour, travel back in time and stop on the charming island Flatey en route between Stykkishólmur and Brjánslækur. That is an experience you won‘t forget.

Click through to www.seatours.is for more information on Viking Sushi and other tours on offer.



Snæfellsnes – tour it, touch it and taste it!

Whether you’re in the mood for small villages surrounded by lovely nature, are looking for a good spot to relax and enjoy life, or want to stroll through fishing villages, climb mountains, explore beaches, visit museums and enjoy the catch of the day from our beautiful fjord, you can find it all and more in Snæfellsnes.

And be sure to visit locals, share some hometown chat and learn about life by the seaside of Snæfellsnes.

Time spent by the seaside in Snæfellsnes will never be forgotten.


For more information on Snæfellsnes and the west, please click through to www.west.is/Home/VisitSnaefellsnes.

Into the glacier 


Into the glacier offers various tours to the Iceland‘s most significant new attraction, the man – made ice cave. The ice tunnel and the caves are located high on Europe‘s second largest glacier, Langjökull. You will get an amazing opportunity to explore the glacier and see it from the inside. This is once in a lifetime experience where you will be taken to the hidden beautiful ice. Daily departures from Reykjavík and Húsafell.




Ensku húsin 


Ensku húsin is a family run guesthouse in a 130 year old house full of history. Owned by local farmers, scots, english and for the past 60 years, it is now a place of tradition, hospitality, and good food. The staff serves lamb and other products from the family farm in the restaurant, cook with the kitchen door open, share the history of the house and serve icelandic craft beer and wines. Beautiful surroundings with riverbanks and waterfalls offer a good chance for a walk before a home cooked meal is enjoyed in the old house.





Bjarnarhöfn Museum is located on the northern part of Snæfelssnes peninsula. The Family in Bjarnarhöfn are well known for the curing of icelandic shark, which has been a tradition in the family for hundreds of years. The museum is one of its kind and our biggest pride is the old shark fishing boat among many other things related to the farm´s history. You will be taken on a live storytelling from one of the family members where you hear about the old days, the shark fishing and learn about how the shark is handled in the making. During your visit you can taste the shark but be sure to take a picture for evidence because no one will believe you. A little walk to the drying house where the shark is hanged to dry is a must for everyone, the smell...well that is for you to experience.





Akranes is a venerable old fishing village in the West Iceland. The fish industry began early in Akranes, with the beginnings of a fishing village appaering on the peninsula in the 17th Centuary, and that connection to the sea has held strong ever since.

The town‘s lightouses have become popular art venues and a stunning place to enjoy the views and local history. They are also the perfect backdrop for the northern lights, when weather conditions allow in the winter. The Garðar Peninsula Historical Museum is very interesting, housing history from the sea to the farm and beyond. The site also boasts a boat museum, a geological museum, the national sports museum and blacksmith facilities. You will also find a museum dedicated to the Hvalfjörður tunnel, which shortened the route from Akranes to Reykjavik from 109 km to 49 km.

Langisandur beach is a popular recreation spot, as it is a Blue Flag awarded bathing beach of golden sand. Ocean swimming takes place there, and on sunny days the beach is usually crowded with people, on Icelandic standards.


Snæfellsjökull Glacier Tours www.theglacier.is


Snæfelljökull Glacier Tours offers unforgettable sightseeing tours by snow cat up to 1446 metres altitude at the top of Snæfelljökull.

On top of Snæfellsjökull you will get a view of the entire national park and most of the Snæfellsnes peninsula. The mystery of Snæfellsjökull are well known to the Icelandic nation , it is believed that high energy level, ghosts and other strange creatures should be present close to the glacier.

Whether you are looking for Julius Verne center of the earth or aliens, the experience at the top of Snæfellsjökull is magical .

Guided tours on the glacier with the snow cat are from February 1 to August. The tour leaves from Arnarstapa at 10:00, 13:00, 16:00 and we also offer the sunset tours. The company offers also snowmobile tours from 1 February to June 15.



GoWest is a tour operator with eco-friendly focus. Our mission is to stimulate a fertile interaction between our guests and Icelandic nature and culture without compromising environment or safety. We offer day and multi day tours, hiking, biking, skiing and boating in different levels of difficulty.We will give you an opportunity to actively participate in protecting natural and cultural heritage. We want you to enjoy outdoor life because: Life is movement. – Let us enjoy it!




Borgarnes museum 


wheelchairs. Two exhibitions: • Children Throughout a Century! An extraordinary exhibition about children in Iceland in the 20th century. Photographs play an important role. • Oh to be a bird! A great exhibition showing the rich bird life of Iceland in a new perspective.




Hotel Búðir 


Hotel Búðir is without a doubt set in one of the most beautiful places in Iceland, just a couple of hours drive from Reykjavik. This elegant hotel is in a league of its own, boasting all amenities, a charming atmosphere, great service, and a restaurant renowned for its exquisite cuisine.

The hotel sits at the edge of The Snaefellsjokull National Park in a lava field on the westernmost tip of the Snaefellsnes peninsula in the western region of Iceland. Due to the hotel´s location, guests have an impressive view of the breathtaking Snaefellsjökull glacier and the Budir-estuary which meanders into the vast Faxafloi-Bay where a number of seals reside.





Erpsstadir is a dairy farm in Northwest Iceland, run by farmer Thorgrimur Einar Gudbjartsson and his family. At Erpsstadir you can experience a real Icelandic farm, buy homemade dairy products firsthand, icecream and of course the delicious traditional skyr as well as visit the farmers and the farm animals. The family also rents out the old farmhouse, which accommodates 6-10 people in a group. It is a good place to stay as it is located centrally in the west of Iceland.



The Freezer


The Freezer is an award winning social hostel, theatre and culture centre, situated in a renovated fish factory in Rif, next to Snæfellsjökull Glacier National Park. The Freezer´s role is to offer the travellers of West Iceland high quality events and entertainment. At the Freexer the keyword is “trust”. That´s why, for all in-house events, the Freezer operates a “pay what you like” payment system. I.e. there are no set prices. Instead, guests are allowed to pay exactly what they like for attendance.





Hotel Framnes

Hotel Framnes in Grundarfjörður is fast becoming a popular place. Ideally situated for travel around the Snæfellsnes peninsula, the hotel has 29 en-suite rooms as well as a sauna, hot tub and massage facilities.  The hotel restaurant has earned a good reputation as one of the best places to eat in Iceland.  The tasty menu of seafood delights and local food dishes along with excellent service is our recipe for success.  Enjoy your home away from home on holiday at Hotel Framnes.

Tel: + 354 438 6893


Email: framnes@hotelframnes.is




The farm Þurranes is in Saurbær in Dalasýsla, north west Iceland. Saurbær is near Gilsfjörður and Búðardalur. In Þurranes we offer accommodation in four houses, 3 new cottages and the old Farm. Each cottage can be rented for one night or a whole week. In the old farm we offer single rooms or you can rent the whole house. Travel service Þurranes is open every day of the year.





Láki tours

Láki Tours offers the perfect family outing for those visiting Snæfellsnes. This three-in-one boat trip on a traditional oak fishing vessel sails from Grundarfjörður and towards the Melrakkaey island out on the fjord, where we pay a visit to the puffins and other seabirds. Next up is whale watching, the interlude between bird watching and what may be called the highlight of the trip - sea-angling. Here, everyone gets a chance to try their hand at catching their own fish, which they can then enjoy as a meal at Hotel Framnes.

Tel: + 354 438 6893


Email: framnes@hotelframnes.is



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