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COVID-19 travel information

Through travel we connect people and places, and connections are more important now than ever. Find information about our flexibility options to help you plan your travels.

Safe travels - shared responsibility

We, together with Keflavík airport, are working hard to ensure your safety when traveling to and from Iceland.

You can contribute too. In short, this is what we ask of our passengers: stay at home if you show any symptoms of illness, wash your hands regularly, use hand sanitizer, and wear a face mask at the airport and during the flight. From March 23, 2022, face masks are optional on some flights, but always recommended. We may ask you routine health-related questions at any point during your travels to make sure you are fit to fly.

Safe travel is a shared responsibility. Below you can see what we are doing during each stage of your journey and what you can do as a responsible traveler.