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COVID-19 entry requirements

Due to the fast-changing nature of travel restrictions, we recommend confirming the latest entry requirements for your destination: arrival forms, COVID-19 test results, quarantine and more.

It's your responsibility: We remind travelers that it is their responsibility to ensure they have the relevant documents and meet their destination's entry requirements.

Icelandair may be required to deny boarding to passengers who do not fulfill these requirements.

These days, governments are changing official travel restrictions with short notice. We recommend confirming the latest entry requirements for your destination before your trip. Here are some topics to consider and research.

COVID-19 test results

  • Most countries require passengers to present negative COVID-19 test results before their journey, or provide documentation of having recovered from COVID-19. This requirement also often applies to transit passengers. 
  • The test results must be recent – depending on each country's rules, not older than 24 or 72 hours. In many cases, only printed documentation is valid. Icelandair is required to deny boarding to passengers who do not bring relevant documents with them for their flight. 

Legitimate purpose and entry forms 

  • Many countries require a legitimate purpose for the travel, such as residency, employment, or family relations. 
  • Many countries require passengers to fill out a specific form before departure. 


  • Quarantine rules are often changing, so it’s important to understand the requirements in your destination before you arrive. 

Transit flights 

  • If you are taking more than one flight to reach your destination, you will need to check requirements for both your transit point and your final destination.

Official resources

See below for the links to official government websites for our destinations. Follow the links to check details of entry rules, arrival forms, testing and quarantine procedures. We recommend you stay up-to-date on national measures currently in place (lockdowns etc), plus requirements for returning to your home country.

Please keep in mind that rules can change with short notice.

COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map

A useful starting point for checking travel restrictions and entry requirements for your destination is IATA's COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map. 

IATA Travel Regulations Map

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