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The Magnificent Hekla Aurora

Dressed in the beautiful colors of an Icelandic winter landscape, our aircraft Hekla Aurora flies the northern lights across the Atlantic every day of the year. Not only is our Boeing 757 wrapped in this exquisite livery, but Hekla Aurora’s interior is illuminated with beautiful one-of-a-kind mood lighting recreating the fabulous display of the aurora borealis.

Our new livery is just one component of our campaign celebrating the Icelandair Stopover. This exciting option allows you to stopover in Iceland at no additional airfare on your way between Europe and North America, giving you the time to explore the beautiful, unparalleled sights of our home country.

The Meaning of Hekla Aurora

‘Hekla’ is a traditional Icelandic girl’s name and also the name of one of our better-known volcanoes. ‘Aurora’ is a reference to the northern lights.

We created Hekla Aurora as part of our #MyStopover campaign, which encourages passengers to take some time to enjoy an Icelandair Stopover. Find out more about the Icelandair Stopover.

The Amazing Aurora

The northern lights are a breathtaking natural phenomenon, and Iceland is one of the best places to catch them. So this seemed like a match made in heaven - or the very least high in the sky.

We’ve installed a beautiful LED mood-lighting system displaying the stunning northern lights throughout Hekla Aurora’s main cabin. There’s also a Wi-Fi connection you can use to post all of your #MyStopover photos in real time!