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About Icelandair

Icelandair is a leading airline offering flights to, from, via and within Iceland - our hub and home. We provide safe, reliable flights with exceptional service to metropolitan areas on both sides of the Atlantic. Flying domestically within Iceland and to destinations in Greenland, Icelandair is a leading option for Transatlantic travel.

The airline operates out of Iceland and makes use of the country's geographical location, midway between North America and Europe, to build an ever-growing network of international routes, with Iceland as a hub. Icelandair is a part of Icelandair Group.

Social responsibility

Icelandair Group has put sustainability at the top of the agenda. The company is committed to doing what it takes to succeed in this area and has developed clear goals and action plans based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
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Careers at Icelandair

Icelandair is a versatile and forward-looking workplace. Our staff come from a range of backgrounds and work across many different domains, in an environment marked by cooperation and constant evolution.
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The workplace

At Icelandair, we like to emphasize the common purpose of our enterprise, that we are all in the same team. Every department of the company plays an important role in providing quality service to our customers.
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The history of Icelandair

The history of Icelandair traces back 80 years. We have been a vital part of Icelandic aviation history, and our history reflects the spirit and resourcefulness of the island nation in the North Atlantic.
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Icelandair fleet

Our mix of Boeing aircraft is perfectly suited to serve Icelandair’s route network, which is designed around the unique geographical location of Iceland as a connecting hub between Europe and North America. De Havilland Canada aircraft joined our fleet in 2021 with the integration of our domestic and international operations.
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Brand and media enquiries

The Icelandair brand is one of the most widely recognized Icelandic brands, representing the airline's character, services and products.
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Our partner airlines

We partner with like-minded airlines who share our passion and commitment.
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Icelandair Network Routemap

Icelandair's business strategy is based on the geographical position of Iceland, midway between northern Europe and the east coast of the USA.
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