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Flights to Reykjavík from Manchester

For the best fares and an unparalleled flying experience, choose Icelandair to fly from Manchester (MAN) to Reykjavík (KEF). With USB power ports and Wi-Fi access on most flights, your journey to Iceland’s cool capital will literally fly by.


FAQs about travel from Manchester to Reykjavík

Helpful information for travellers visiting Reykjavík

How long is an average flight from Manchester Airport to Reykjavík?

The average duration of a flight from Manchester (MAN) to Reykjavík (KEF) is around 3-4 hours non-stop.

Our in-flight entertainment is sure to keep you amused during this short flight, and our abundance of charging points means you can land in Reykjavík raring to go!

When is the best time to fly from Manchester to Reykjavík?

The best time to book flights from Manchester to Reykjavík depends on your itinerary and budget.

Summer in Iceland means midnight sun, outdoor exploring and city strolling. While winter is the prime time to catch sight of the dazzling Northern Lights.

Alternatively, booking flights from Manchester to Reykjavík during a shoulder season can help you secure a lower price on tickets.

How can I find cheap flights from Manchester to Reykjavík?

Being flexible on when you book your flight tickets can help you find cheap flights to Reykjavík from Manchester.

We also recommend booking your flights well in advance and checking our flight deals regularly to secure the best price.

Can you get direct flights to Reykjavík from Manchester, UK?

Manchester to Reykjavík flights with Icelandair are non-stop, landing at Keflavík International Airport in under four hours.

Icelandair also offers direct flights to Reykjavik from London and Glasgow.

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