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What to see and do in Kulusuk

Best time to fly to Kulusuk

Kulusuk is pretty chilly all year round, with highs of 60°F (15°C) during the summer months and temperatures rarely reaching above 32°F (0°C) in the winter. But if you don’t mind the cold, there’s plenty to enjoy in Kulusuk throughout the year.

The summer months bring long daylight hours and a chance to experience the midnight sun. May to August is a great time to visit if you plan on hiking through Greenland’s vast countryside.

Alternatively, for a truly wintry escape, a visit from September to March is the perfect time to see the snow and enjoy all kinds of activities like dog sledding and skiing.

With very little light pollution, Kulusuk is also a great place to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights if you’re traveling between August and April.

Getting to and around Kulusuk

Icelandair offers flights to Kulusuk Airport via Iceland throughout the year so you can travel whenever you want to.

Due to its small size, there’s no public transport in Kulusuk, making it a great destination for active travelers.

When it comes to exploring the area, the most common ways to get around are by boat or on foot during the summer and with a dog sled, snowmobile, skis, or snowshoes in the winter.

So get out there and explore the remote, untouched wilderness on foot, get among the icebergs by kayak or boat, or travel through the mountains on a dog sled or snowmobile – the choice is yours!

Things to do in Kulusuk

Despite its tiny population and frosty temperatures, there’s plenty to see and do in Kulusuk.

Characterized by colorful houses, the village of Kulusuk, on the island of the same name, is home to hunters and fishermen who are still strongly connected to the traditions of their ancestors.

You can immerse yourself in the ancient Inuit culture by visiting the Kulusuk Museum. Here, you will have an opportunity to see some examples of beautiful Inuit craftsmanship, especially carvings done in tusk and bone.

Outdoor adventures are another good reason to visit this part of the country. Many providers arrange Kulusuk tours throughout the year to help you explore the country.

Tasiilaq, the largest town on the East Coast, is also only 10 minutes by helicopter from Kulusuk, or an hour by boat (if the weather conditions are good), offering even more outdoor activity options.

Eat and drink in Kulusuk

Hotel Kulusuk is the main option when it comes to eating out, offering up a variety of hot and cold options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The venue is also Greenland’s only settlement hotel, and is just a 5-minute drive from Kulusuk Airport, making it popular among travelers.

Travelers who stay elsewhere tend to have a bed and board arrangement at their accommodation, or they opt for self catering.

Many travelers choose to bring their own food or buy something at the supermarket, to eat as they hike around the island.

If you time it well, it’s also possible to grab some fast food from the airport around the time that flights arrive.

FAQs about travel to Kulusuk, Greenland

Helpful information for travellers to Kulusuk

How long is the flight to Kulusuk from the UK?

The flight time to Kulusuk largely depends on which airport you fly from as well as any layovers you have planned. However, the flight time from London to Kulusuk is around 6 hours.

When you book flights to Kulusuk with Icelandair, you can extend your holiday by adding a stopover in Iceland at no extra cost.

When is the best time to fly to Kulusuk?

The best time to fly to Kulusuk will depend on what you’d like to do when you get there.

Snows sports enthusiasts will adore Kulusuk in the winter, whilst nature and hiking lovers will appreciate those longer, brighter summer days.

How do I find cheap flights to Kulusuk, Greenland?

Being flexible with your dates can help you secure a good deal on your flights to Kulusuk. Additionally, we recommend booking in advance and checking our flight deals regularly to get a good price on your tickets to Kulusuk.

How do I get from Kulusuk airport (KUS) to the town centre?

There are no roads in Kulusuk, meaning to get from the airport you will need to walk or arrange for a dogsled to pick you up.

Fortunately, the town centre is just under a mile away (1.5 km) from Kulusuk Airport (KUS) and should only take around 20-40 minutes depending on how much you have to carry.