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Visiting Narsarsuaq

A 2 hour and 55 minute flight from Keflavík Airport (KEF) takes you to Narsarsuaq (UAK), the gateway to South Greenland. 

The southern part of the country lives up to the name 'Greenland'. It will surprise many visitors to learn that this is the 'garden of Greenland', with jagged mountains, a fertile climate, and sheep grazing in pastures. 

Whether you're interested in Inuit or Norse history, ice or minerals of all types, hiking and fishing, or just magnificent scenery, South Greenland has it all.

Icelandair flights between Iceland and Narsarsuaq now use Keflavík International Airport (KEF) - there will no longer be flights between Narsarsuaq and Reykjavík City Airport (RKV).

Where Greenland is green

South Greenland is a region full of contrasts, known for its flowering plains and fertile valleys, ice-filled fjords, numerous glaciers, and mineral-rich mountain landscapes. The region has a well-developed farming industry with extensive grazing pastures for sheep and horses.

Also in the region you'll find some of the best-preserved Norse ruins from the 10th to the 15th centuries. Erik the Red's settlement at Qassiarsuk (which he called Brattahlíð, meaning 'steep hill) connects visitors to Greenland's Norse Viking history.

Connection to the past

The towns of Narsaq, Qaqortoq, Nanortalik and the gateway of Narsarsuaq are particularly good starting points from which to experience the culture and nature of the region. 

The small sheep-holding stations and settlements such as Qassiarsuk, Igaliku and Alluitsup Paa are also popular tourist attractions. It's a photographer's dream to capture sheep farms backed by towering peaks and ice fjords.

In the footsteps of Norsemen

Excursions in South Greenland offer something for everyone: start with hiking, fishing, farm holidays, and visits to the ruins of Norse churches and farms.

From lovely Qaqortoq, the largest town in the south, you can take a boat tour to unique natural hot springs on the remote island of Uunartoq.

If you're up for more of a challenge, try experiences such as fjord kayaking, or rock climbing among the vertical cliffs and steep peaks.