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Pre-Purchased Meals Terms and Conditions

1. Pre-Purchased Meals

1.1. Meals can be pre-purchased up to 48 hours prior to each scheduled departure of the Icelandair-operated journey.

1.2. Pre-purchasing meals is only possible if your flight is operated by Icelandair and has an Icelandair flight number (FIXXX).

1.3. Meals can only be pre-purchased if the ticket is an Icelandair document where the ticket number starts with “108”.

1.4. Meals cannot be pre-purchased for codeshare and interline flights operated by other airlines.

2. Conditions that apply to pre-purchased meals

2.1. Meals can be pre-purchased, within the above-mentioned timeframe, on Icelandair websites.

a) Individuals* can pre-purchase their meals when booking their trip in the booking flow or by entering their booking in “My Journey”.

b) Groups** can pre-purchase their meals from 30 days before departure within a special pre-purchase site on Icelandair websites.

2.2 Meals can also be purchased in advance at the Icelandair Service Centre and at the Icelandair Sales Offices. The same timeframe applies.

2.3. A meal should be ordered separately for each passenger if there is more than one passenger in the booking.

2.4. A pre-purchased meal is always associated with your flight ticket and cannot be transferred to another passenger. Name changes are not permitted.

2.5. It is your responsibility to ensure that all the information provided when pre-purchasing meals is correct and reflects the itinerary as shown on your ticket.

2.6. Upon service in your flight, you may be required to show either a copy of your email receipt or an email confirmation on your mobile phone, as a proof of purchase for your meal. For groups, the group leader is responsible for a proof of purchase for the group.

2.7. In the event of a voluntary change of dates to the same origin and/or destination (i.e. a change made by you), your pre-purchased meal(s) will be moved on the new flight at no additional cost, provided the change is at least 48 hours prior to scheduled departure of the Icelandair operated flight and that you ask a sales agent especially to move your pre-purchased meal(s).

2.8. In the event of a voluntary change of route to another origin and/or destination (i.e. a change made by you), your pre-purchased meal(s) can unfortunately not be moved to the new flight. Any pre-purchased meal you may have bought is therefore non-refundable and new meals need to be pre-purchased.

2.9. Unfortunately, for passengers with food allergies, we cannot guarantee that certain ingredients (such as peanuts or peanut derivatives) will be excluded from our catering.

2.10. Prices in foreign currencies are calculated using the ISK price as a base. Prices may therefore change due to fluctuations in exchange rates. Thus, the pre-purchase discount may vary.

2.11. In the event that the menu has been changed since you pre-purchased your meal, and your meal is not available, your order will still be provided but your meal may vary from the original order.

3. Refunds

3.1. Pre-purchased meals are non-refundable. Once a meal has been booked it cannot be removed from the booking and payment cannot be refunded. No refund is therefore available for any unused portion of meals purchased.


(I) In the event of an involuntary schedule change, Icelandair can unfortunately not guarantee to cater your pre-purchased meal and it will therefore be refunded.

(II) If you have previously purchased a Cancellation Protection Fee from Icelandair for your respective journey at the time of your ticket purchase, the fee covers the pre-purchased meals. Read about the Cancellation Protection Fee terms and conditions.

4. Pre-purchased meals are not available:

(I) within less than 48 hours prior to scheduled departure of the Icelandair operated flight

(II) for flights operated by another carrier such as codeshare or interline flights

(III) if you are flying on an Icelandair (FI) charter flight

(IV) for standby or waitlisted passengers

*Individuals are defined as 9 or less passengers travelling in the same booking reference (RLOC)

**Groups are defined as 10 or more passengers travelling in the same booking reference (RLOC)