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Icelandair Group’s Executive Management

Icelandair’s international flight operations are at the core of Icelandair Group’s business. The Executive Management consists of the CEO of Icelandair Group and the Managing Directors of its eight key divisions.

Sales and Customer Experience, Operations and Air Freight and Logistics focus on maximising the potential and creating value from the Group’s international route network. Aircraft Leasing and Consulting uses Icelandair Group’s expertise, experience and operating resources to provide charter and consulting services to airline operators around the world. The four supporting functions are Finance, People and Culture, Digital Development and Information Technology, and Fleet and Network. The Managing Directors of the above-mentioned divisions form Icelandair Group’s Executive Management, along with Bogi Nils Bogason, President & CEO.

Bogi Nils Bogason, President and CEO Icelandair Group

Bogi Nils was appointed CEO of Icelandair Group in December 2018 after having served as the Chief Financial Officer since 2008. He was the CFO of Askar Capital from January 2007 until he joined Icelandair Group and the CFO of Icelandic Group from 2004-2006. Bogi Nils served as an auditor and partner at KPMG in Iceland during the years from 1993-2004. Bogi Nils holds a Cand Oecon degree in Business from the University of Iceland and became licensed as a chartered accountant in 1998.

Birna Ósk Einarsdóttir, Chief Commercial Officer

Birna Ósk Einarsdóttir was appointed Chief Commercial Officer in February 2019 after having served as the Chief Customer Experience Officer and Chief Business Development and Strategy Officer since she joined Icelandair Group in 2018. She served as the Executive Vice-President of Marketing and Business Development for Landsvirkjun from 2017-2018. Prior to that, she was Executive Director at the IT company Siminn from 2011, most recently as Head of Sales and Services. Birna has a BSc. Degree in Business Administration from the University of Reykjavik and an MSc. Degree in Management and Strategic Planning from the University of Iceland. She has also completed the Advanced Management Programme (AMP) at IESE Business School in Barcelona.

Jens Bjarnason, Chief Operating Officer

Jens has served as Chief Operating Officer since November 2021. He has extensive experience in the aviation industry and Icelandair Group's operations. He was the Company's COO from 2015-2018, and since then, he has held various positions within Icelandair Group. Jens joined Icelandair as a structures engineer in 1984. For a period of time, he was Director of Safety Regulation for the Icelandic CAA. He served as Icelandair's Director of Flight Operations from 1996-2005 and later as Vice President of Technical Operations from 2005-2011. From 2011 until 2015, he was Director of Operations for the International Air Transport Association, IATA, Montreal, Canada. Jens holds a PhD degree in Engineering from Northwestern University in Illinois, USA.

Gunnar Már Sigurfinnsson, Managing Director of Air Freight and Logistics

Gunnar Már Sigurfinnsson has served as the Managing Director of Icelandair Cargo since May 2008. From mid-year 2018 to February 2019 he also served as Chief Commercial Officer alongside his role at Icelandair Cargo. Prior to that he was SVP of Sales and Marketing at Icelandair from 2005. Gunnar Már became the Director of Sales Planning and Control in 2000, and in 2001 he became General Manager of Germany, Netherlands & Central Europe regions. Gunnar Már holds a Business Administration Degree from the University of Iceland.

Árni Hermannsson, Managing Director of Aircraft Leasing and Consulting

Árni was appointed Managing Director of Loftleiðir Icelandic in January 2018 after having served as the Chief Financial Officer of the Company since 2002. Prior to that he was Chief Financial Officer of the Icelandic technology companies ANZA and Alit. He holds a Cand. Oecon Degree in Business Administration from the University of Iceland.

Elísabet Helgadóttir, Chief Human Resources Officer

Elísabet Helgadóttir was appointed Chief Human Resources Officer in January 2018. She worked in Human Resource Management at Islandsbanki since 2007 and as the Head of Career Development for the last five years. Her tasks at Islandsbanki included supervision of all staff education and training, management training, executive coaching and performance management. From 2000 to 2007 she worked for Capacent Gallup on research and consultancy. Elisabet completed a BA. Degree in Psychology at the University of Iceland in 2000 and a degree in Human Resource Management at the EADA Business School in Barcelona in 2007. 

Ívar S. Kristinsson, Chief Financial Officer

Ívar S. Kristinsson was appointed Chief Financial Officer in May 2021. He has been with the Company since 2010, his last position as Director in Finance, previous to that he served as the Managing Director of Icelandair’s Fleet and before that as the Managing Director of Resource Management. Prior to that, he was a Director in Operations at Promens from 2006 to 2008 and Project Manager at Icelandair from 2000 to 2005. Ivar holds an MSc. Degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Iceland and an MBA in Corporate Finance from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Tómas Ingason, Chief Information Officer

Tómas was appointed Chief Information Officer of a new division, Digital Development and Information Technology in February. He was Chief Commercial Officer of WOW air in 2018 and Director of Rapid Digitization at Arion Bank between 2016 and 2018. Tómas was the Chief Business Development Officer of WOW air in 2014. Prior to that he was Management Consultant at Bain & Company in Copenhagen and served as the Director of Revenue Management and Pricing at Icelandair for several years. Tómas holds an MBA Degree from MIT Sloan School of Management in Boston, MSc. Degree of Engineering in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and a BSc. Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iceland.