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Advertisements and commercial promotions

Advertisers can influence consumer behavior using numerous advertising channels with Icelandair. Over 90% of passengers are older than 25 and have good purchasing power. Your ad can be seen by passengers from their first visit to Icelandair’s website until they disembark at their destination.

Pre-departure opportunities

Most trips begin on the Internet. A significant number of tickets are sold on Icelandair’s website. When customers have booked they are issued with an e-ticket along with a confirmation e-mail. Reminder e-mails are sent seven days prior to departure. Get the attention of passengers right at the start of their journey.

  • E-ticket: The e-ticket is the confirmation of the itinerary. This is an opportunity to increase the passenger’s interest in the destination. All passengers who have booked online and are travelling to, from or via Iceland will be sent an e-ticket with their booking.
  • Reminder e-mail: A reminder e-mail is sent to passengers seven days prior to departure and is an ideal way for promoting goods and services. The message is sent in the passenger’s name and includes information on flight, destination, and more.
  • Boarding pass: Your ad is well placed on the most important travel document of the trip. Ad space is available on the back of the boarding pass in two places — on the pass itself and on the passenger’s stub.

Opportunities on board

The length of flights and the proximity of passengers to the ad material means that passengers are more receptive and more likely to remember your advertisement on board. Check out the rates in our brochure for advertising on board.

  • Icelandair In-Flight Entertainment: Icelandair’s in-flight entertainment system features 150 hours of entertainment during which advertisers are in an ideal position to connect with passengers using moving images. Recorded images appear to passengers before a flight’s departure, before IFE main menu, in the “About Iceland” section, and in the documentary “Unique Iceland.”
  • Headrests: Ads are printed on the leather covers on the headrests, in the view of all Icelandair passengers during a flight.
  • Brochures: It is possible to include your brochures in the passenger’s seat pocket, giving you the chance to introduce your products and events during the flight. At the destination, the passenger can take the brochure with him or her.
  • Tray tables: It’s hard to imagine a closer proximity to passengers than one on the tray table in front of them.