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Our People

Icelandair strives to ensure that all employees experience that they are part of one team. This is crystalized in the company's core values which are simplicity, responsibility and passion and provide the foundation for the strong company culture at Icelandair.

A new strategic vision and mission was introduced in 2019. The guiding light of the organization is that Icelandair brings the spirit of Iceland to the world and in doing so delivers smooth and enjoyable travel experiences. Such a clear vision on the destination and such a purposeful and relatable way of getting there is set to mobilize the employees to act in concert all going in the same direction.

Underpinning the new vision and mission are specifically crafted five strategic initiatives which serve to crystalize how the organization is progressing and creating value over time. One of these initiatives is a culture of passion and performance of which People & Culture is the owner and steward to ensure implementation and follow through.

Gender equality

Icelandair Group's People & Culture (P&C) strategy emphasizes equality and non-discrimination and embraces diversity. This focus, which ensures that employees are provided with equal opportunities and equal rights, is an integral part of the Equal Rights Policy and Equal Rights Plan which has been approved by the Executive Committee. The numbers speak for themselves as the gender ratio is almost equal – with male/female split of 47/53 out of 100.

The company acquired an equal pay certification at the beginning of 2019 and is a participant in a project in Iceland „Jafnvægisvog FKA“ to ensure equal participation of men and women in the executive management team by 2027. In addition, the company has chosen four Sustainable Development Goals to work with, one of them being Gender Equality.

Promoting gender equality

  • Never less than 40% of either gender in management positions
  • Increase the number of female pilot positions by 25%
  • Increase the number of male cabin crew positions by 25%
  • Increase the number of female aircraft maintenance technicians by promoting the job and education to girls

Health and safety

General health and well-being of Icelandair employees is a priority where the company endeavors towards providing an attractive and exciting place to work where people can thrive at their best. The company has in place a comprehensive Health & Attendance Policy under which – among other things – Icelandair offers various health-related programs and initiatives to further the employee's health and wellbeing.

Competence development

Icelandair seeks to attract talented and qualified employees to ensure that the company can meet and exceed its current and future operational challenges while ensuring and facilitating a good and progressive working culture in which the employees can both thrive and perform at their best.

All new employees go through a company orientation training which includes health and safety training when they commence their employment with the company.