Pingdom Check
03/25/2021 | 9:00 AM

Welcome aboard – behind the scenes at Icelandair

Are you curious about how we train our pilots and inspect our airplanes?

The largest and most important part of our core operations is ensuring the safety of our passengers, but most of this work goes on behind the scenes. We go the extra mile when it comes to training and maintenance: our crew gets world-class training, and our team of air mechanics is always busy inspecting our fleet.

Our training center

We operate a dedicated training center in Hafnarfjörður, close to the international airport, where we train all our staff. Our pilots have access to three flight simulators: Boeing 757, Boeing 767, and Boeing 737 MAX. Our cabin crew members also complete their basic training and recurring training in the same center. In one way or another, every Icelandair employee benefits from our work at the center.

Our hangar

At our hangar by Keflavík international airport, hundreds of mechanics carry out their maintenance tasks according to carefully planned schedules. Icelandair aircraft are inspected before and after each flight by both mechanics and pilots. All aircraft are pulled off the line for more detailed A, B, and C inspections at regular intervals. 

Take a look

There’s much more to it than this, but a video is worth at least a thousand words in this instance. Take a look at the video below and meet our employees working hard but passionately behind the scenes.