Pingdom Check
11/13/2020 | 12:47 PM

Chris Burkard's bikepacking film: A Line in the Sand

You may have read about Chris Burkard's bikepacking tour of Iceland this summer, and seen photos from his epic cross-country adventure enjoyed with fellow cyclists Emily Batty, Adam Morka and Eric Batty. 

Chris is a photographer and movie-maker, and a regular visitor to Iceland. He has just released a 17-minute film, A Line in the Sand, so you can marvel even more at the stamina of the team as they cycle 975km over just 8.5 days, through some seriously challenging (and photogenic) terrain from the eastern to westernmost points of Iceland, via the empty interior highlands. Along the way there are numerous river crossings, some well-earned soaks in hot pools, and a wonderful array of the wild, wide-open vistas that Iceland excels at. 

We salute the amazing efforts of Chris and his team. We hope travelers find some inspiration for their next Iceland trip from A Line in the Sand. When the time is right to visit, we look forward to seeing you here.