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Points and payment

As a Saga Club member, you can use your existing Saga Points to lower the price of your flight ticket – even in full, if you have enough Points! The best part? You keep earning more Saga Points for the ones you use!

Book a flight with your Saga Points

Lower the ticket price with Saga Points

Use your existing points to pay for the fare in part — to any extent you like. You can book any fare, to anywhere, at any time, with your Saga Points.

Pay for the entire fare with Saga Points

If you have earned enough Saga Points, you may not even have to use any other means of payment.

Earn more Saga Points by using Saga Points

Use your Saga Points to book a fare, in part or full, and earn more Saga Points while you do!

Learn more about Saga Points and payment

Using Saga Points as payment is simple: Sign up for Saga Club, if you're not already a member, and choose your destination and dates. Before you hit search, select 'I want to use my Saga Points,' and you are all set!  In the booking flow, you will be able to set the amount of Saga Points vs. other payment.

Watch the video to learn more about Points and payment.

Icelandair Saga Club

Join the club

Become an Icelandair Saga Club member and enjoy a vast variety of great deals and benefits, available to Saga Club members only.

Sign up and start earning today. If you have flown with us recently, you may have earned Saga Points already — even if you are not a member yet!

Book a flight with your Saga Points