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From $1,063 - Hunt for the aurora and soak in the soothing waters

Iceland is a year-round destination, but the winter months bring their own kind of charm. Make the most of every second with Icelandair’s new morning departure packages - from Boston and JFK only.

From soaking in the milky blue waters of the Blue Lagoon to venturing out into truly Icelandic territory in search of quintessential Northern Lights, you can enjoy all the elements in this spell-binding package.

Winter is not only the best time of the year to hunt for the world-famous aurora and enjoy sightings of this jaw-dropping, natural phenomenon, but it's also the ideal time to warm up in the soothing waters in the Blue Lagoon, made all the more marvelous when the snow begins to fall.

Throw in the festivals, cultural events and lively nightlife of Reykjavík and you have all the ingredients for a fantastic getaway in Iceland.

Icelandair’s Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights - Morning Departure tour package is one of our most popular and for good reason. You get to experience two of Iceland’s biggest names in one neat bundle. Plus, you can extend your three-night stay for up to 31 days, allowing you to unearth even more of this incredible country.

Explore our range of unforgettable excursions to get an idea of how you can fill those extra days in Iceland.

Book the Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights - Morning Departure now to secure an unforgettable vacation in Iceland.

Included in this package

fromCAD 1,063 Per person, based on 2 adults
Tour operator / Authorised by the Icelandic Tourist Board