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From $1,015 - The freedom of your own car rental!

With the independence provided with this lcelandair vacation package, the how, when and where of exploring Iceland is completely up to you, behind the wheel, with unlimited mileage.

The rumors you’ve heard are true – there is a LOT to do in Iceland, and much of it is outside the beloved capital city of Reykjavik. There’s no better way to explore at your own pace than with a car rental. So where are you headed first?

Why not start a bit differently and first make your way to East Iceland? The region’s newly-discovered attraction is Stuðlagil, a canyon of basalt columns and gorgeous surrounding scenery accessible during the summer months, and not even known to locals previously, but since has left quite an impression on Icelanders and tourists alike. Also check out the Vök baths in Egilsstaðir, a collection of serene geothermal floating pools on the gorgeous Lake Urriðavatn.

Journey north to North Iceland where outdoor activities and adventure abound from ice climbing to ice fishing, and river rafting to skiing. Be sure to visit Lake Myvatn National Park, and of course treat yourself to a nice dinner in Iceland’s “Capital of the North,” the town of Akureyri.

The Westfjords are an absolutely gorgeous must see, especially in the summertime when travel is more accessible. Looking for sea monsters during a whale watching tour in the fjords? Those may be harder to find than Iceland’s legendary elves, but tales of sea monsters have played a colourful role in Icelandic folk culture for centuries, and today these elusive creatures have been given a worthy home at the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum, located in the village of Bildudalur on the shores of Arnarfjörður fjord. Spend some time in the region’s cultural and population center of Ísafjörður. If skiing is your thing, the month of April brings the annual Fossavatn Ski Marathon, a festival of cross-country skiing that’s suitable for the whole family.

If you prefer having Reykjavik as your base and use the car for daytrips to the surrounding areas, optional hotel accommodation in the capital is available during the booking process.

Want to spend more time in Iceland? Each additional night includes car rental

      Included in this package

      To Reykjavík, Iceland

      Economy Standard
      Upgrade available for purchase
      1 checked in bag (50 lbs) per person
      1 carry-on bag (22 lbs) per person
      Advance seat assignment selection

      Car rental

      Pick-up at Keflavík Airport
      Unlimited mileage
      Minimum age: 23 years old (4WD; jeeps; vans), 20 (all others)
      Collision-damage waiver
      Personal Accident Insurance

      Taxes & fees

      All taxes, fees and fuel surcharges

      Saga Points

      Earn 4,800 Saga Points on round-trip flights included in all Icelandair Holidays vacation packages


      fromCAD 1,015 Per person, based on 2 adults
      Tour operator / Authorised by the Icelandic Tourist Board