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Icelandair in society

Icelandair is proud to help support many worthy events and projects, but as we receive numerous requests, it’s impossible for us to support every request. To manage this, all sponsorship proposals must be submitted online.

Please ensure you read the guidelines before submitting your proposal, to ensure it is in line with our requirements. We are not able to enter into individual discussions about each proposal. We will evaluate the proposal based on the information provided and contact you accordingly. The sponsorship committee meets every 4-5 weeks to review all applications.

Please note that due to the extreme volume of applications we only get back to those whose application is approved. So if you have not received an answer by the above-mentioned timeline your application has been declined.

Icelandair cannot be held responsible for fluctuations in airfare price that may occur while an applicant awaits a reply from the sponsorship committee.

Sponsorships are focused in three main areas.