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Flights from London to Denver with a touch of Iceland

Choose Icelandair to fly from London (LHR/LGW) to Denver (DEN). Enjoy our refreshing travel experience, which includes hundreds of hours of movies and music in our in-seat entertainment system, USB chargers in every seat and Wi-Fi access. You'll enjoy an easy transit at our Keflavik hub and one of the shortest flying times between North America and Europe.

The Mile High City

Colorado’s capital city is situated in the vicinity of the Rocky Mountains. Because of its location at one mile above sea level, it is often referred to as the Mile High City. The Front Range of the Rockies forms an imposing background to the city’s high-risers and the mountain range provides locals and visitors alike with a variety of outdoor activities all year round. The area’s approximately 300 days of sunshine a year give the traveler good odds of seeing the rock formations in their full sun-bathed splendor. Aside from their natural beauty, the sandstone rocks also have acoustic qualities. The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a music venue like no other, the rocks lend a unique sound and atmosphere to the concerts.

Downtown Attractions

Just as it is essential to take in the air of the Rocky Mountains, no visitor should miss the delights of the city of Denver itself. The RiNo (River North) neighborhood takes its name from the South Platte River which flows through the city. A former industrial area, RiNo now hosts a great variety of art exhibitions and microbreweries. LoDo (Lower Downtown) is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods and home to the Union Station Building, Denver’s main transportation hub which also houses a selection of high-end restaurants.

Those eager to explore Colorado history should make their way to Capitol Hill. The central attraction is the Capitol building itself, around which the well to-do of the 19th century built their mansions. Capitol’s gold dome towers above the rest of downtown and serves as a reminder of the Colorado Gold Rush of the mid-19th century and Denver’s origin as a gold mining town.

Those keen on shopping should visit the 16th Street in downtown Denver and the mall which runs along it. The local cuisine has a strong mexican influence and there is also a large variety of Southeast Asian restaurants. And don’t miss out on the parks, take an afternoon stroll through LoDo’s Confluence Park if you manage to hit one of those 300 sunny days.

Add a stopover in Iceland to your journey

Passengers flying from London to Denver with Icelandair have the option to stopover in Iceland. Pack more experience into your travel by adding a stopover on our island to your journey, for anywhere from 1 to 7 days and at no additional airfare. You will have the opportunity to explore Iceland's lava fields, glacial lagoons, geyser, waterfalls and caves, and to visit the charming capital of Reykjavik.

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