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What is included when you fly with Icelandair?

When you fly you want to feel good. Be comfortable and enjoy superb service from the time you check in until you arrive at your destination. Comfort, devotion and service are our hallmarks. That is why you fly better with Icelandair.

Are there free seating reservations when booking a flight?

Of course. When you book a flight with Icelandair you can choose your seat without any extra charges, by the window or the aisle, towards the rear end or in the front rows of Economy. Reserve your seat in good time - then there is a better chance that your preferred seat is available.

Is hand luggage included too?

But of course. Your hand luggage is always welcome. You can bring up to 10kg (22lb) of hand luggage, plus your handbag.

Are refreshments included?

All non-alcoholic beverages are included. Always. If and when you get hungry, you can purchase light meals from the Economy menu at a reasonable fee, as well as wine and spirits. Food and drink is included when travelling in Saga Premium.

Is there endless entertainment?

That goes without saying. In Icelandair’s entertainment system you have access to more than 350 hours of films, TV episodes and music. You run the show from your seat with a personal screen in front of you.

Is luggage included?

Luggage is included in all our fares except Economy Light. You can check in one bag of up to 50 lbs on all other fares. 


We emphasize punctuality. We know time is valuable and keeping our schedule is a priority every day. Always

Can I charge my cell phone?

If you have a smartphone that charges via USB, you can plug your cable into our in-flight entertainment system to charge, so you never have to arrive at your destination with a cell phone that’s run out of power.

Can I use my Saga Points on board?

Naturally! You can use your Saga Points to purchase meals or to buy something nice from our Saga Shop Collection. Let the cabin crew know you wish to use your Saga Points, and present your Saga Club membership card along with your credit card to make the transaction.

Do you have a connecting flight?

When you have a connecting flight with one of our partners, you won’t have to run between terminals to make your flight or wait for hours on end at a departure lounge. Good connection times equal a hassle-free journey.

Is Wi-Fi on board?

We have connected almost every aircraft with Wi-Fi. If your aircraft has Wi-Fi, it’s indicated with an icon by the entrance and with a flyer in your seat pocket. Access to the system is available for a small fee. So if you want to read the news, catch up with friends and relatives or do some work, you can.