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Traveling with a hidden disability

Traveling can, at times, be challenging but we aim to make the experience as smooth and comfortable as possible for all of our passengers.

Easier and simpler journey

Our passengers with a hidden disability are welcome to add a special code – DPNA – to their reservation and request assistance to make the journey easier and simpler. This service can be especially useful for passengers with an intellectual or developmental disability (for example, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism, language, speech, visual or hearing impairments, dementia, or other cognitive impairments). 

Extra assistance

We understand if you need extra time, additional support, or assistance during your travels. Sometimes that little extra help can make a big difference. Our passengers who book with the DPNA code also get:

  • Priority check-in
  • Priority boarding

We will provide you with the best service we can, but this is what our cabin crew cannot assist you with: 

  • Lifting and/or carrying passengers 
  • Eating and/or drinking 
  • Taking medication 
  • Using the lavatory 
  • Getting up and communicating 

You need to be accompanied by a personal care assistant if you require assistance with any of the above.

How to book?

To let us know about specific needs on board for a passenger with a hidden disability, please fill out a request form as soon as you have booked your flight(s) or contact our service center at least 48 hours before departure. This service is available on all domestic and international Icelandair flights.

Hidden disability sunflower

More and more airports join the Sunflower program aimed at providing help and assistance to their passengers with hidden disabilities. Passengers wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard can benefit from the airport staff by getting additional support or help that might be needed. 

Sunflower airports

Check out the Sunflower airports' list around the world and contact the airport directly if you have any questions.

Keflavik airport

Our hub for international flights, Keflavik airport, is a member of the Sunflower program and provides increased services for passengers with hidden disabilities. More information is available on the Keflavik airport website.

Domestic airports in Iceland

Domestic airports in Iceland are currently not part of the Sunflower program but we offer this service on all our domestic routes.