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Log in below to view or change your booking. You can for example change your travel dates or purchase an extra bag.

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What can I do by logging in to my booking?

  • View and change your itinerary and booking details
  • Purchase additional baggage allowance
  • Request seats
  • Pre-purchase meals
  • Change your travel dates
  • Request accessibility assistance

Access your booking in the Icelandair App

In the Icelandair app you can book your flight, check in, view your travel information and much more.

Available from App Store and Google Play.

Can I cancel my booking?

If your plans have changed and you need to cancel your ticket:

  • check the fare type you purchased from us. We have 5 fare types with differing features and flexibility reflected in the price. Our Economy Flex and Saga Premium Flex fares permit date changes and airfare refund. If you don’t know your ticket details, go to the booking confirmation email you received from us, or log in to your booking at the top of this page.

If cancellation is available for your booking, please fill out our cancellation form.

Bookings with third-parties, travel agents, and for packages

For bookings made through third-parties, travel agents, and for package inquiries:

  • If you booked through a third-party (such as a booking website like Expedia) or travel agent, you must contact them directly.
  • If you booked a package through Icelandair Holidays, please contact us through this form.