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Terms and Conditions for Cancellation Protection

Summary of Cancellation Protection

You can add optional Cancellation Protection, which covers the cost of your ticket in case you are unable to travel due to;

a) Death, sudden Illness or accident on the advice of a qualified medical professional of you, your partner or other in your immediate family.

b) Significant material damage to your home or private company which makes your presence necessary.

c) Your contracting COVID-19 (or other illness classified by the WHO as a global pandemic), either before or during your trip, which prevents you from starting or continuing your journey and can be proven by a medically approved test showing a positive result.

The Cancellation Protection enables you to claim for a refund of the fare paid to Icelandair if you cannot make the intended journey for reasons listed in these terms and conditions and the fare is not refundable by other means. If you need to change your travel plans after the commencement of your journey, Icelandair will refund the unused part of the relevant flight ticket or change fees (but not the fare difference), in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

The Cancellation Protection costs 17 USD for Domestic Iceland route tickets, 27 USD for Economy Class tickets and 47 USD for Saga Class tickets, per person. The Cancellation Protection is non-refundable and can only be added when booking your flight or up to 36 hours after the purchase via a link from your e-ticket confirmation email.

If you travel with an infant under the age of 2 (24 months) not occupying a seat and buy Cancellation Protection, the same protection is automatically added to the infant ticket free of charge.

Documentation in the form of a medical certificate signed by an M.D. is generally required if the reason for the claim is an accident or illness. However, if the required documentation is a positive COVID-19 certificate, it can be signed either by a licensed organisation/medical labratory or an M.D.

A medical certificate does not give entitlement to a refund if the Cancellation Protection has not been purchased.

The Cancellation Protection can only be purchased:

  • at the time when travel fare or confirmation fee is paid
  • up to 36 hours after the flight has been bought