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Boeing 757-300

The Boeing 757-300 is a stretched version of the 757-200 model. It shares the narrow-body twin-engine design of the original, with the fuselage stretched before and after the wings.

General Info

Extending 54.4 m (178’5”) from nose to tail, the 757-300 is the longest single-aisle twinjet aircraft ever built, outmeasuring the standard 757 by over 7 m (23’). As with all 757s, it features a two-crew-member glass cockpit and a supercritical wing designed to reduce aerodynamic drag.

Our Aircraft

Icelandair’s 757-300s have seating for 225 passengers, with seats arranged 3-3 in Economy and 2-2 in Saga Premium.

With a cruising speed of 876 km/h (544 mph), it’s just as speedy as its smaller counterpart. On top of in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi, Icelandair’s passengers enjoy complimentary beverages and good legroom.

Technical Specification

  • Length:54.4 m (178 ft. 5 in)
  • Wingspan:38.1 m (125’)
  • Cruising speed:876 km/h (544 mph)
  • Maximum range:5,100 km (3,200 mi)
  • Maximum take-off weight:123,830 kg (273,000 lbs)
  • Engine:(two) RB211-535E4-B
  • Boeing 757-300 - Seatmap and seat info

    Saga Premium
  • Seat Pitch: Min 40" Max 42"
  • Seat Widths: Standard Seat: 20.5"
  • Backrest Widths: 25.9"
  • Economy
  • Seat Pitch: 32"
  • Seat Widths: Standard Seat: 17"
  • Backrest Widths: 17.4"
  • Our fleet's Boeing 757-300 aircraft


    Wi-Fi on boardIn-flight Entertainment on boardLED lighting on boardUSB on boardPower options on board
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    Wi-Fi on boardIn-flight Entertainment on boardLED lighting on boardUSB on boardPower options on board
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