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Manage booking

You can manage your booking and enhance your experience with additional services.

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  • View your itinerary and booking details
  • Purchase additional baggage allowance (note: if your flight includes more than one airline, extra bags must be purchased at the airport upon check-in)       
  • Request seats            
  • Pre-purchase meals
  • Change your travel dates
  • Request a wheelchair to gate


You can add your Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) information when you manage your booking.

International travelers who wish to travel to the USA must apply for ESTA, and eTA if you are flying to Canada. For more information, visit our APIS, ESTA and eTA information page.

Select a seat

You can choose your seat by entering your last name and booking reference at the top of this page, or when you check-in online. You can also purchase a More Legroom seat for your flight and enjoy a place with more space.