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Gift Certificates can be used as payment for all Icelandair's flights. The limitations on travel time and length of stay are based on the rules of the purchased fare.
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San Francisco

Feast your eyes on the City by the Bay and you might begin to understand why so many songs have been written about it. It's a glorious mix of tech-savvy creativity meeting easygoing charm in a show-stopping natural setting.
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Kansas City

Let’s sort out the geography first: Kansas City straddles the border of the Midwest states of Kansas and Missouri, and the airport is in Missouri. Now we know where we are, let’s focus on what’s in store: treats like saucy barbecue, swinging jazz clubs, pretty parklands, and fab fountains.
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There’s a buzz to Baltimore, an underrated charmer that’s often overshadowed by its blowhard neighbour, Washington DC. In fact, Baltimore’s nickname is Charm City - so prepare to be won over by hip and historic sights, sporting fervour, and a storied seafaring past.
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