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Visiting Greenland

A birds eye view of the city of Nuuk lit up in dusky pink evening light

Fly to Greenland in summer

Although Greenland experiences four distinct seasons, it is the summer and winter months that tend to draw the biggest crowds.

Travellers looking to spend summer in Greenland can expect stunning nature and long days to enjoy it.

Summer in Greenland runs between June and August and this is a prime time for watching the landscape come to life. You can enjoy long days with the midnight sun, observe tundra in bloom, or go on hiking and boating expeditions. Destinations like Nuuk are idyllic in the warmer months.

From breathtaking landscapes, glacial fjords, and unique wildlife, there are plenty of reasons to get to know Greenland better.

Winter in Greenland: what to expect

Winter runs between October and February. This is the time of year when temperatures drop below freezing and the landscape is covered in a sheet of white snow.

Those travelling north of the Arctic Circle in winter will experience shorter days but can enjoy the stunning snowscape lit up by the Northern Lights from almost anywhere.

The longer nights bring with them the opportunity to spot the Northern Lights and wildlife like musk ox and reindeer. Winter above the Arctic Circle can become inaccessible by vehicle, but dog sleds, boats, and snowmobiles are recommended.

But no matter when you visit Greenland, you're guaranteed the trip of a lifetime.

Icebergs float in Disko Bay in Greenland
A sailboat is making its way across a body of water in Greenland, with icebergs to the background of the picture

Travelling within Greenland

There are no trains and roads between the communities in Greenland, due to the great distances between them.

The main forms of transport include airplanes, boats, helicopters, and dog sledding.

Taking a boat or ship is the most cost-effective way to travel around Greenland, and hopping aboard a cruise around Greenland is a popular way to explore the country. That said, many travellers opt for plane travel due to the speed and comfort of the journey.

Those looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience might opt to take a helicopter over the stunning ice-covered landscapes of the country. But if you want to keep your feet on the ground and still enjoy an unforgettable experience, try going dog-sledding through the stunning landscapes.

Getting to Greenland with Icelandair

Icelandair offers flights to Greenland via Iceland from Dublin, Ireland. Icelandair makes it easy for travellers to explore this huge, other-worldly island just a couple of hours flying distance from Reykjavík.

Our flights between Iceland and Greenland are operated on De Havilland Canada (DHC) aircraft, and due to their smaller size, the service on board is limited compared to that on board the larger Boeing aircraft that connect Iceland with Europe and North America.

Baggage allowances for Greenland flights are not the same as for international flights connecting Iceland with Europe and North America. So if you are connecting on flights to Greenland, we recommend checking the baggage allowance. Also, note that there are some restrictions to hand luggage due to smaller overhead compartments.

We have a selection of options in terms of classes of service on flights from Iceland to Greenland.

A map of Icelandair’s routes between Iceland and Greenland - showing flights to Ilulissat, Nuuk, Narsarsuaq and Kulusuk

FAQs about travel to Greenland

Helpful information for travellers to Greenland

How much does it cost to fly to Greenland?

The price of your flight to Greenland will vary depending on your departure airport and the time of year you fly.

The cheapest way to visit Greenland is by booking your flights in the off-season months of January-February.

You can use the flight finder tool above to view our current rates for airline tickets to Greenland from Ireland.

What are the airlines that fly to Greenland?

Icelandair is one of two airlines that fly to Greenland from international destinations. Flights to Greenland from Ireland typically include a stopover in either Denmark or Iceland.

How far is Greenland from Iceland?

If you are looking to fly to Greenland, the journey is around 745 miles or 1200 kilometers from Reykjavik. The total flight time to Iceland from Greenland is around 2-3 hours.

Have you ever wondered how to fly to Greenland?

Icelandair offers flights from Ireland to Greenland through Iceland's Keflavík International Airport. The flight time to Iceland is only 2 hours and 40 minutes from Dublin, making for a quick transfer.

What currency does Greenland use?

Danish Kroner (DKK) is the official currency in Greenland, although some souvenir shops may accept foreign currency in notes. It is wise to have cash in DKK on you, especially when visiting small towns and settlements.

Most major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, Diners, Dankort, and American Express) are accepted in ATMs. For money withdrawal, you must use your PIN-code. You will find ATMs in the following towns: Nanortalik, Narsaq, Qaqortoq, Paamiut, Nuuk, Maniitsoq, Sisimiut, Kangerlussuaq, Aasiaat, Qasigiannguit, Ilulissat, Qeqertarsuaq, Uummannaq, Upernavik, Tasiilaq.

Is Greenland safe for tourists?

Greenland is very safe for tourists. With a small population and friendly locals, you’ll feel more than welcome when visiting this unique country.