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What to see and do in Narsarsuaq

A person stands on a rocky surface in South Greenland with their back to the camera. In front of them is a body of water and a mountainous view

Best time to visit Narsarsuaq

The best time to visit Narsarsuaq, South Greenland is between May to September, when there are long hours of daylight, and the climate is at its mildest.

Although the temperature in Narsarsuaq rarely climbs above 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the summertime, June to July is a popular time to visit as you can make the most of the outdoor activities on offer.

Winter in Narsarsuaq brings darker days and much colder temperatures. The cold weather peaks during January and February, when there’s very little sunlight (think one day of bright daylight on average), and the temperature sits at around 24 degrees Fahrenheit.

You’re more likely to find cheap flights to Narsarsuaq during this time, but keep in mind that your options for tours may be limited due to it being off-season.

Getting around Narsarsuaq

Narsarsuaq is small enough that you can get around easily on foot. In the summer, you can also rent bicycles to get around if you choose.

For travelers looking to explore the surrounding area, the most popular way to do so is to book on an organised excursion with a tour company.

Unfortunately, there is no public transport in Narsarsuaq except the buses that run to and from the airport.

Other modes of transport include ferries and helicopters, but these are mostly run by tour operators for excursions in the area.

A group of friends smiles into the camera from a beautiful viewpoint in Southern Greenland
The colourful houses in town of Qaqortoq, formerly Julianehåb, in Greenland

Things to do in Narsarsuaq

Whether you're interested in Inuit or Norse history, ice or minerals of all types, hiking and fishing, or just magnificent scenery, South Greenland has it all.

It will surprise many visitors to learn that this is the 'garden of Greenland', with jagged mountains, a fertile climate, and sheep grazing in pastures. In fact, the region has a well-developed farming industry with extensive grazing pastures for sheep and horses.

In the region you'll also find some of the best-preserved Norse ruins from the 10th to the 15th centuries. Erik the Red's settlement at Qassiarsuk (which he called Brattahlíð, meaning 'steep hill) connects visitors to Greenland's Norse Viking history.

The towns of Narsaq, Qaqortoq, Nanortalik and the gateway of Narsarsuaq are particularly good starting points from which to experience the culture and nature of the region.

The small sheep-holding stations and settlements such as Qassiarsuk, Igaliku and Alluitsup Paa are also popular tourist attractions. It's a photographer's dream to capture sheep farms backed by towering peaks and ice fjords.

Tours and activities in South Greenland

Excursions in South Greenland offer something for everyone: start with hiking, fishing, farm holidays, and visits to the ruins of Norse churches and farms.

From lovely Qaqortoq, the largest town in the south, you can take a boat tour to unique natural hot springs on the remote island of Uunartoq.

If you're up for more of a challenge, try experiences such as fjord kayaking or rock climbing among the vertical cliffs and steep peaks.

Whatever you choose to do in this region full of contrasts (known for its flowering plains and fertile valleys, ice-filled fjords, numerous glaciers, and mineral-rich mountain landscapes) you’re bound to have a fantastic time.

A person in a yellow jacket paddles a kayak towards some large chunks of iceberg in Greenland

FAQs about travel to Narsarsuaq

Helpful information for Irish travelers to Narsarsuaq

When can you get cheap flights to Narsarsuaq?

Prices of airline tickets to Narsarsuaq tend to fluctuate, and you might even be able to find lower fares during peak season months like June. However, you’re most likely to find cheap flights to Narsarsuaq during the off-peak months of January and February.

How long is the flight to Narsarsuaq, Greenland?

Traveling from Ireland to Narsarsuaq takes around 6-7 hours, with a stopover included as part of your journey.

Your overall journey time will vary depending on your departure airport and the duration of your stopover. Currently, there are no direct flights to Narsarsuaq from Ireland.

Icelandair has direct flights from Iceland to Greenland. A 2-hour and 45-minute flight from Reykjavik Airport (RKV) takes you to Narsarsuaq (UAK), the gateway to South Greenland.

How do you get from Narsarsuaq Airport (UAK) to the town center?

Narsarsuaq Airport (UAK) is located 1 mile from the town. Most arrival passengers can get a free shuttle bus to the harbor or your hotel. You may also be able to arrange a private transfer to your hotel if required.