Pingdom Check
04/20/2020 | 12:37 PM

A salute to healthcare workers

On April 19, one of our Boeing 767 aircraft transported over 18 tons of medical supplies from Shanghai to Iceland. 

Before landing at Keflavík, its flight path drew a heart over the national hospitals in the capital to show gratitude to our hard-working healthcare workers. 

For this extraordinary flight, 12 Icelandair crew members flew to China and loaded over 1000 boxes on board the plane. It was the third such flight in a week, from China to Iceland carrying medical supplies. 

Takk fyrir – to everyone who’s working hard these days to keep us all safe.

A view from within the aircraft cabin of the staff working to package PPC for healthcare workers

The aircraft interior shown with seats covered in plastic film and lots of boxes being filled with PPC supplies

A group of Icelandair staff wearing masks as they stand on the aircraft stairs, with a view of the Icelandair aircraft behind them