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Don't miss this opportunity to ride a friendly Icelandic horse into a lovely region of the Icelandic countryside including volcanoes, lava formations and lakes. Pure bred since Viking days, the sturdy Icelandic horse has a smooth gait for crossing rough Icelandic terrain, and are well suited for beginners and experienced riders. 


  • Transportation, guidance in English and warm overalls, raingear, riding boots and helmets 
  • Daily departures at 10:00/14:00. Pick-up 60 minutes prior to departure. Please be ready outside your hotel or at designated pick-up point! 
  • Operated year round, approximate duration 4 hours (1.5 - 2 hours riding)   


  • Please note this tour will not pick up/drop off passengers staying at hotels outside of Reykjavík
  • No refund for unused travel services or land arrangements once a tour starts
  • Not included: meals and refreshments
  • All general inquiries, including change or cancellation requests, can be submitted online.
  • Terms and conditions, including changes and cancellations to your holiday, vary depending on your country of departure. Please refer to the applicable Icelandair Holidays terms and conditions.


  • Personal insurance is not included and is highly recommended

Horse riding tour at a beginner level with no previous riding experience needed. Minimum age for children is 8 years. Pregnant women are not permitted to join the riding tours.

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