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For passengers arriving or departing from North America, this is a great tour for your first or last day in Iceland with flexible schedules of returning buses to Reykjavik letting you decide when you want to return to the city.

Due to the popularity of the Blue Lagoon throughout the year, we highly recommend visiting during afternoons and evenings where the crowds can be smaller compared to those in the morning hours.

Just arrived in Iceland? All departures from 11am and onwards make great tours for an arrival day! If you are arriving in Iceland on an evening flight from North America, the 8am and 10am departures are NOT recommended for your arrival day as passengers usually arrive at their hotel around 8am, and any delays could cause you to miss the tour departure. Icelandair cannot reimburse passengers for unused portions of a package or land only travel once travel starts.

Departing Iceland back to North America? The Blue Lagoon tour is ideal for your departure day, with the 10am and 11am tours ideal if you are on the later afternoon flights. You can store your luggage at secure facilities at the Blue Lagoon for approximately $5 per piece of luggage, and then after your visit to the Lagoon you can take the scheduled 12:00pm or 2:15pm tour bus to Keflavik airport.

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