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Enjoy affordable, high-quality, and secure data roaming with eSIM

Save up significant costs and avoid data billing surprises with Icelandair eSIM data roaming packages.

Perks of an eSIM card

Roam like home! There are many advantages to adding an Icelandair eSIM card to your mobile device.

Cut the cost

Avoid expensive data roaming charges while traveling

Simple installation

Easily install the eSIM to your device

Flight info on the go

Don't miss out on important flight updates when traveling abroad

What is eSIM?

An eSIM is an “embedded SIM card” which helps you save on data roaming charges when traveling.

The eSIM built into your mobile device’s hardware and allows you to store information on the device itself instead of on a physical SIM card. This means that no physical SIM card is required to use phone operations, such as mobile data. This can save time and cut unexpected roaming costs while traveling, ensuring a journey without worry.

Icelandair eSIM offers exclusively mobile data bundles, which means you will not be getting a new phone number and cannot make any calls through it.

Why use Icelandair eSIM?

Data roaming fees can be expensive and unpredictable, and finding a SIM card from a local vendor when traveling can be just as confusing and time-consuming. We want to offer high quality connectivity for our passengers on their journeys for a fair price. With Icelandair eSIM, you can purchase the mobile data you need for your travel, and you can top-up just as easily.

Our eSIMs allow you to stay connected in over 150 countries worldwide, including all Icelandair destinations, with 5G ready data connectivity in selected countries.

The installation process is simple, you won’t need any plastic SIM cards and you don’t need to change your phone number. Just scan the QR code, which will be sent to you after you’ve purchased your data bundle of choice and install your data roaming package in a matter of minutes.

Discover our data bundles

There's plenty to choose from, but here's a selection of our favorite mobile data bundles.

How to buy and use Icelandair eSIM?

  1. Enter the Icelandair eSIM store here and select the data bundle which suits your needs. You can browse through our featured data bundles here on this page as well.
  2. After the purchase you’ll get the QR code to install the eSIM data bundle on your device. If you'd like, you can also familiarize yourself in advance with the simple installation process, see here for instructions for the supported devices.

  3. After installing the eSIM, you can activate your bundle from your device settings, by enabling Data Roaming under Mobile Data in your phone settings. The bundle validity period will begin once the eSIM has been activated.

  4. You can view your used data and the remaining bundle validity by accessing your personal eSIM portal either directly from the email sent to you or by signing up on Icelandair eSIM.

You will receive an SMS notification once you have started to use your package, when you have reached 80% and when you've finished the the purchased data. You can easily top up online through your Icelandair eSIM account.

Top up with additional data when needed

Your eSIM can be topped up and reused up to 12 months after your last trip. You can also purchase data plans for family members, and manage all the eSIMs in one account.