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COVID-19 travel information

Through travel we connect people and places, and connections are more important now than ever. We know you have questions, so we’ve prepared a list of answers to help you plan.

Cancel your booking and receive a Travel Credit Voucher

You may cancel your booking and apply for a Travel Credit Voucher:

  • if your ticket was booked before December 31, 2020, for travel to be completed by December 31, 2021.
  • if your ticket was issued by Icelandair.

For bookings made through third-parties, travel agents, and for package enquiries:

  • If you booked through a third-party (such as a booking website like Expedia) or travel agent, you must contact them directly.
  • If you booked a package through Icelandair Holidays, please contact us through this form.

Please note that the Travel Credit Voucher applies to all unflown flights for all passengers within the booking. After receiving the Travel Credit Voucher, your tickets are voided, and you will no longer hold a ticket for the remaining part of your travels.

We've created a travel credit guide to answer the most common questions.