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01/01/2020 | 12:00 PM

Electronic Invoices - FAQs

Can anyone send an electronic invoice to companies within the Icelandair Group?

Yes, e-invoices and credit invoices are accepted in all of these companies.

Do you accept electronic invoices from all messaging servers?

Yes, we accept messages from all Icelandic servers and via PEPPOL.

What do I have to do before sending an electronic invoice to companies within Icelandair Group?

There are no preliminary steps, you do not have to notify us. Just go ahead and send us the invoice.

What types of messages do you accept?

Icelandair Group accepts electronic invoices which fulfill the requirements of BII invoices, BII credit invoices, TS-236 sales invoices, TS-237 credit invoices and NES invoices.

Which companies belong to the Icelandair Group?

  • Icelandair ehf., kt: 461202-3490
  • Flugfélag Íslands ehf., kt: 530575-0209
  • Icelandair Cargo ehf., kt: 471299-2359
  • Loftleiðir- Icelandic ehf., kt: 571201-4960
  • Iceeignir ehf., kt: 630306-0350
  • Icelandair Group hf., kt: 631205-1780
  • Lindarvatn ehf., kt: 610593-2919
  • TRU Flight Training Iceland ehf., kt: 701007-1740
  • Vildarbörn-Ferðasjóður, kt: 541103-3250
  • Feria ehf (Vita), kt: 551105-0590
  • Amadeus Ísland ehf., kt: 481189-2769
  • Staff, Starfsmannafélag Icelandair, kt: 650679-0329
  • A320 ehf., kt: 620206-0670
  • Holidays-UK, kt: 630998-9059
  • IGS Fasteignir, kt: 480900-3670

Which information is required on invoices/credit invoices?

  • The name, ID number (kennitala), and VAT identification number of the person sending the invoice.
  • The name, ID number (kennitala), and residence of the company sending the invoice.
  • The invoice number must be unique (not repeated).
  • The issue date of the invoice.
  • The currency of the invoice.
  • Identify the product or service that is being charged, price per part, and discount (if any).
  • VAT category, price with VAT and price without VAT.
  • The total amount charged.
  • A summary of the VAT.

Other information that must be included in order to make it easier to process the invoice:

  • Who placed the order, full name or e-mail address.
  • Project number, order number, booking number.
  • Names of passengers, when applicable.
  • Vehicle number, when applicable.
  • Name or number of department.
  • Flight number, when applicable.

If you can’t find a reply to your question above, please send us an e-mail to [email protected]