Pingdom Check
04/13/2018 | 12:00 AM

Flying has a new flavor

Our new Boeing 737 MAX is designed to enhance passenger experience with 40% less noisy engines and a totally redesigned cabin. But we wanted to do a little extra. So, we created both a special beer and a special sparkling water to mark the occasion.

The 737 IPA will be sold exclusively on board our aircraft and the SKY sparkling water will be complimentary. Both come in beautiful specially designed cans. SKY is made from pure Icelandic spring water, whereas 737 is more of a cosmopolitan, combining transatlantic quality ingredients.

The hops giving the 737 its interesting character come from the Pacific Northwest and are perfectly counterbalanced with European malts in the hands of the brewmasters at Boyne Brewhouse, Ireland.

Both SKY and 737 are best enjoyed at high altitudes in great traveling company—on board a brand-new Boeing 737 MAX.