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What is an Icelandair Stopover?

When you fly transatlantic with Icelandair, you can choose to add a 1 to 7 day stopover in Iceland at no additional airfare. 

Travelers enjoy everything from geothermal bathing to northern lights gazing, as well as all that their final destination has to offer.

Book your Stopover in three simple steps

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Decide where you want to go

Add your Stopover in Iceland (up to 7 days)

Enjoy both destinations

How to make the most of your Stopover in Iceland

Make the most of your time in Iceland by following one of our ready-made Stopover itineraries which really help you get the most out of your limited time in the Land of Fire and Ice.

From spa stopovers to adrenaline-filled week trips, there is an itinerary for every traveler.

Day tours and activities in Iceland

There's a wide range of tours and activities you can enjoy during your Stopover in Iceland.

From exploring the popular Golden Circle route to taking a dip in the world-famous Blue Lagoon, it’s easy to book all your trips in one place with Icelandair.

The Polite Bouncer

Since we launched Icelandair Stopovers, we’ve encountered a problem – tourists don’t want to leave Iceland (and we understand why).

So we decided to hire the world's first-ever Tourist Bouncer to help guide them back to the airport when their stopover is, well, over.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about taking a Stopover in Iceland. 

How can I book a Stopover in Iceland with Icelandair?

It’s easy to book your Stopover in Iceland with Icelandair. 

When booking your flight, simply select the option to ‘Stopover in Iceland’. You can then choose how many days you’d like to spend in Iceland and explore your booking options.

Does the Icelandair Stopover include hotels and accommodation?

The Icelandair Stopover only includes the flights – any accommodation should be booked separately. 

There is a range of options out there, from cozy cabins to comfortable and sophisticated hotels, and something for every traveler.

Is a Stopover in Iceland worth it?

Absolutely! While on route to your transatlantic destination, you can make the most of the journey by enjoying a Stopover in Iceland. 

Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice, has so much to offer. From dazzling glaciers to breathtaking waterfalls, this country is one of marvelous natural sights and a flourishing cultural scene.

Does Icelandair offer free Stopovers?

A Stopover in Iceland with Icelandair carries no additional airfare, making it easier and more affordable for you to explore two destinations in just one trip.

Why does the overall trip cost vary when a Stopover in Iceland is selected?

There is no additional airfare cost to stop for a few days in Iceland. However, some travelers notice a difference in their overall flight cost when they add a Stopover in Iceland to their booking. 

This is simply because airfare prices vary according to demand, so traveling your second flight leg on a different day may impact the overall price. 

If you first select a fare without a Stopover and see a certain price, and then add a Stopover and see a different price, this reflects the price of traveling on the specific dates you choose. 

A change fee does also apply if you change an existing booking to a stopover and there will possibly be a difference in the fare price based on the above.

For travelers with date flexibility, we recommend trying different date combinations to explore your Stopover options.

Can I add a Stopover to my booking after I’ve paid for my flight?

Yes, it is possible to add a Stopover in Iceland to your flight booking by contacting our service center. Please note that fees may apply.

Can I store my luggage somewhere during my Stopover in Iceland?

Travelers taking a Stopover in Iceland often travel with multiple bags. 

For those passengers who don't wish to have their baggage with them during their stay in Iceland, there are several options available for you on where to store your baggage.

Ready to book your Stopover?We look forward to welcoming you on board